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What Is The Gospel Of Christ
I love you Mark with the love of Christ. Peace be with you.

What Is The Gospel Of Christ
Because Mark in the beginning God Never said let us have dominion over the Earth. He said let them have dominion over the Earth. Look here God called on Noah, then Abraham, then Joseph, Moses, Gideon, Samuel, David, down on to Jesus. In addition you have Peter, Paul, James, and the others with the early church. Billy Graham, Jerry Farwell, E.V. Hill, others and myself. We all have made, and in the making of ourselves worthy of the blood of the Lamb. The Son did the Father's will so should we if we are children of the King of Kings. Are you?

What Is The Gospel Of Christ
The blood of Jesus makes us righteous before God. Your Heavenly Father is please to give you the Kingdom. If you are child of God then you are Royalty. If you don't believe that God wants you to be in agreement with Him then the Holy Spirit won't be able to execute God's will on Earth as it is in Heaven. Read Your bible with the Help of the Holy Spirit and He will tell you all truth. Without Christ, there would not be any Jesus. Without Jesus, there would not be any pur and holy blood. Without the holy blood, there would not be a Holy Spirit sent to us. And without the Holy Spirit there can't be any communication between God and man. No communition results in no Kingdom of God, which was the state we were after the fall of Adam.

What Is The Gospel Of Christ
ok. le'ts look at this way. 1- God gave "Adam" dominion over the earth. Then He commanded them not eat from the tree of good and evil. Which means to me God intented to dominate the earth trhrough Adam. If God is King There must be a kingdom. Adam did not loose Heaven. Adam lost the King who was in Him. Thus they lost dominion over the Earth. Jesus who is the Christ in Flesh (God-Man)came and re-introduce the Kingdom that was lost. He told Nicodemus "the Kingdom is in you" that was a tip. The Kingdom was only in Jesus, The Holy Spirit. The blood of Jesus returns us to the original state. Jesus prayed "Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven". Follow next comment

What Is The Gospel Of Christ
Wait a minute Michael. Until Jesus ascended, He had never call Himself King. The Father was the King. He said the Father was with Him. The Holy Spirit.For God is a Spirit. He told Pilate my Kingdom is not of this world. After the resurrection, He promised them that He will be with them always. And the Father gives Him authorithy over Heaven and Earth. The capitol of the Kingdom of God on Earth, Michael, is in your heart where the King resides. Thus the Kingdom of God is in you. And the Kingdom of Heaven is the influence of the Kingdom of God wherever you are. Create yourself a little heaven on Earth for the sake of the King who lives in you.

Is The Universe Only For Man
The bible clearly states that Heaven and Earth, the Universe and all that is in them belong to God. The Earth He gave to man to rule over it. Being a ruler means having dominion. God intended to rule the Earth through mankind. God always remind His people to obey Him. Jesus said "His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven". The intention was and still is that God wants the Earth to be like Heaven. For those who entered the Kingdom of God through Christ, they cannot help but to create a little heaven on Earth wherever they are. God gives man knowledge to explore His glory. Man in his fallen state always think they can go into the deepest universe to find God. When God already came to find man.

What Is The Gospel Of Christ
I love this. John the Baptist who prepared the way for the Messiah opened his ministry in the wilderness saying "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. At the beginning of Jesus ministry, after the arrest of John, He repeated the exact message: Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Jesus message was to let people know that the Kingdom of God has arrived. He never separated gospel from kingdom because He did not come in His own accord. Gospel is good news and the good news is Jesus Christ gives everyone the opportunity to get back to the original state before the fall. Kingdom citizenship.Until the gospel of the Kingdom is preach to all people and tribes He will not return.

Approval Of New Testament
If you believe that God has sent the Holy Ghost at the request of Jesus, "I will ask my father to send you the comforter and He will teach you all things",then that's how. God is in control. Next time you wonder how the early church got their information, go on and ask Jesus. He will be happy to lead you to the answer.

Overcome Sinful Thoughts
The only way to overcome sinful thoughts is to meditate on the word of God day and night. God told Joshua to meditate on His word day and night then he will be sucessful and prosperous. Meditate is reading, listening, singing, praising, praying and speaking the word. It is like a farm, if it gets neglected it will only bear weeds. If it gets cultivated it will bear fruits of the seeds planted. Cultivate your mind with the word of God and it will bear Godly thoughts. Also read Psalm 1

Garden Of Gethsemane Prayer
Jesus was both God and Man. No one before him had this characteristic. He knew before the beginning of time that he would have to redeem mankind. The plea for the Father to take away the cup, in my opinion, is twofold.
1st He was flesh. In that hour he had expressed, to his apostles John, Peter and James, that the flesh is weak but the spirit is strong.Therefore, that plea was a plea of the flesh. But the spirit overcame the flesh. There is reward to those who endure (Power).
Next, I believe that Jesus gave us an example on how to endure tribulation. To gain strength trough prayer, and to remember that our Father's will be done.

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