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I Don't Want A Divorce
Sheila, You are morally and legally responsible to protect your child. Your husband's behviour punishable by law . Without knowing relevant info, its hard to offer you any truly helpful biblical counsel beyond the immediate .

No matter what happened between you, child abuse is wrong. You are the mother and protector and only defense against being hurt. You must call the police right away and report what is happening . NOW.

Your marital situation can be addressed later, but this comes first. Tell your pastor if you have one and don't keep this a secret.

Biblical Advice For Abuse
Abuse is really a form of sin, br>br>
What the bible says we should do about sin in the life of a brother/sister is confront it, right up to and including church discipline. A woman should not wrongly cover this sin. (If the guy is a sociopathic stalker type confrontation is done only after she is out of harms way as resistance can trigger assault in this case). br>
Martha Peace's book The Excellent Wife has a whole chapter on resources for the wife's protection. Yes, we are called to love enemies, do good to those who treat us badly and not retaliate. The goal of confrontation is redemptive, not revengful. we should never collude with evil in a wrong understadning of grace or submission.

How Can I Save My Marriage
I thought it could only happen to me. My husband says he does not love me anymore because i did not keep the house clean enough and let myself go. I have since worked on the house and myself and he just says he does not feel anything for me so i begged him to give me a chance but i realised what about his mistakes. Does God really want me to beg him to stay or does He want me to be strong. I pray that God will save my marriage because i love my husband more than anything but he is breaking my heart saying cruel things what must i do?

Should Christians Have TVs
it is like anything else, monitor what the children. and of course there are alot of aduld temptations, you have to be strong enough with that little finger to know what is respectable and what is not in GODS view

Just Lost Husband And Need Help
Hello I am so sorry for your lose. I have lost two husbands to death.There is a process you must..go through in order to heal.You must give yourself time to grieve.Life comes in phases. Now you are expericing another phase. In time the pain will ease but take your time. You will find the nights are the worse times...At night I save my reading and prayer for those hours. Peace will come. you will know the time to let go.. Take care of you...Life is ahead and Joy comes in the morning.

Is Eternal Punishment Biblical
if punishment was not forever, we would not have the need to live for god totally. would we? the bible says eteral damnation.
heaven is to last forever.a person will not go to hell for a while than get out for good behavior. it will last forever and ever.

Should I Pursue This Man
you know, sometimes we want something so badly, that we make ourselves believe that it is God's answere to our prayers,when in fact it is our own inner self wanting it so much. if this man has pulled away, there is a reason. thank god it didn't go any futher.
you know somtimes we have to thank god for unanswered prayers also. wait on the lord and have faith that he will give you the desires of your heart. be careful above all, please guard your heart.

Can I Play Classical Music
let us remember that king david played joyfull music to he lord..

What Is Your Favorite Food
ilove poultry baked and fried. I also enjoy pasta. However I eat a fair amountof fruit and vegetables. about once a week i eat seafood and beef.

Should She Date A Disabled Man
well i say if she cares for him more power to her if her frinds care about her they should let her do her thing

Why Am I So Lonely
thank you for your reply yes im going to church i know i am blessed with 3 children and 8 grandchildren

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