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Explain Revelation 11:19
the bible says where the ark is heaven and no where else

Is The Bible Perfect
The question to answer is, How powerful is your god/GOD. Could he use some 40 imperfect men over 1500 years to write a perfect book for us or not. My GOD is able.

Divorce, Separate Or Lie
Greetings from London,What are we going to do about you Americans dominating wimbledon?and what a tremendous match.Christian marriage, its not an easy subject is it?Christian divorce is even worse.Im trying to understand if marriage to a USA citizen is wisdom from heaven,given that marriage has such far reaching consequences.Have a good 4th of July,your christian brother,Patrick.

The Power Of Prayer
Prayer?,i've been praying like crazy yet no sign of any reply from God,dont get me wrong,i know God is there and he hears,i know the bible is truth,i just dont know what God is waiting for to help me and multitudes of people crying out to him as we spiral deeper

How To Be Obedient
Obedient?,i dont want to be rebelious as i know God is there and the bible is total truth but these days with all that's happening in my life and in the world i have much difficulty being obedient as i am filled with frustration,heartache,and anger,i've read the bible 4 times and,sorry to say,it doesnt help,i guess my faith is nowhere near as strong as it should be and God is showing absolutely no signs of shining his grace and mercy on me,oh well,all i can do is take things 1 day at a time.

Rapture Of Loved Ones
When will the saints accept the truth about the rapture...of the wicked? The Bible is replete with The Kingdom of Jesus Christ on earth...not in the ether. As in the days of Noah, so will it be in the coming of The Son of Man. Who was raptured and who was left? Sure Noah got a boat ride, but certainly didn't fly a million miles away playing a harp on a cloud. Does mormonism (more man) believe that they're going to have their own planet? It is through much tribulation that we enter the kingdom!

Cursed If You Don't Tithe
you dont tithe or give for a blessing you tithe from a blessing. one day i gave an expensive commodity and told God not to bless me cos i dont wonna bribe him, and tha fact that he had given wealth that is why i give to somebody fueled by love only as he gives me cos of love to me.

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