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I Hate My Husband
all men have to do is love their wives as christ loved his church... everything else will fall in place.

Tell Me More About Jesus Christ
He died for you. That was His greatest work. He made a way for you to know God, your creator by laying down His life. He so much wants you to just call on Him to be in His life. He'll show you who He is and how much He loves you. He'll start a relationship with you and your life will never be the same. He'll be with you and strengthen you with everything you have to go through in life. And then when your body dies, you'll still know Him forever and ever. And His love for you will never end.

What Church Do You Attend
WE meet in my home every other Friday night, not because we think it is the true Sabbath or anything but just because most people don't work on Saturday and it seems feasible. We have no name. Just a gathering of the body of Christ. We try and let the Holy Spirit be our leader so that He can accomplish what He wants to in our midst.

How To Be Left Alone
I truly understand. I have allowed myself to be intimidated by people for years and have succumbed to the control of others as a result.When I was a child, I needed to comply with my parents requests. Only problem was I complyed for many years beyond that, and now I am drawing a line. I don't believe God wants us to be controlled or maniupulated by anyone. It's a hard road to change, but God will give you the strength and will refine your behavior towards others as you do it.

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