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I Am A Defeated Christian
God loves you no matter what he sent his son jesus for people like
You and me
The blood of jesus washes away all sin and by the blood of jesus the
Devil was overcome
Plead the blood of jesus and the mercy of god

My Husband Hits Me
It is a hard thing to decide . people outside the situation can always tell you to leave and it is the best thing to do. However when you are in a abusive relationship we sometime get so use to the abuse it becomes the new norm. There is a book that helped me call Betrayal Bond by Patrick Carnes I suggest you at least read the first few chapters it is here that i beacme able to point out to myself . I desirved better.Its not easy and you will feel all kinds of emotions but in time you will heal. Do not give up. Again do not give up. Your breakthrough is about to come. Now i look at it as if God rescued me again.

I Really Hate My Husband
i understand and i hate my husband also..i feel bad bit i do

Breast Cancer Making Me Sick
I am so sorry that you are going through this. Please tell me if you are under Doctor's care? Are you receiving any treatment?

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
Joyce Meyers goes to see Oral Roberts for information and inspriation. Mr Roberts claims "revelations" from God telling Christians what will happen in the future. None of which have come true. I live in Tulsa, as his mighty campus is slowly being sold off, or rented out, due to lack of interest!!!No, I do not trust her at all. She wants you to believe her, so you will buy her books!

Do The Lost Burn For Eternity
God does not send people into eternal punishment. They choose it when they reject Christ.

OK To Marry Divorced Person
I think the bible is very clear about divorce, lets not misinteprete the scriptures because a practise is common in a particular place.Divorced persons should remain unmarried,anything other than that is breaking the law of the Lord.

Get To The Point Blog
What is Gnosticism? What churches follow this belief?

Christian Gnosticism or Marcionite. In orthodox Christianity, grace redeems this world; in Gnosticism, it redeems the self from nature.

Is Remarriage Adultery
A Christian can remarry if their spouse committed adultery and they did not. They are free to remarry after divorce.

Is The Pope The Real Deal
Deal or no deal.

He's the head of the Catholic Church, but he's not the King.

Jesus Christ is the King of Kings

The Power Of Sin Is The Law
sorry Tom2 your right, we r no longer under the ceremonial laws of ordinances and sacrificies..those were done away at the cross when Jesus bcame the Sacrificial Lamb of God. The 10 Moral Laws of God still exists to guide us in our daily living however, I note in other blog Lee n Kay say we r wrong so I guess, we can go shoot them cos the law does not exist 4 them hahah...

The Power Of Sin Is The Law
we dont live under the law as the Israelites did so infact I can come and shoot you..Is that okay and permitted? Is that of God to kill one? The bible is for our(everyones) admonishing not the Israelites only. If it is, then what r u doing going by it? we dont live under law. nonsense, if we didnt, there would b chaos and lives taken. Then Christ's coming was in vain

Sabbath Keeping Done Away
hahahahaGina,"We r simply obeying Him" and thats just it..being obedient dont u my

Rosary Beads Or Holy Spirit
No Mike, you are wrong. The prayers are Scripturally based and the meditation IS about the life of Christ,who did have a mother who was chosen to carry Him and to nurture Him. You might find it beneficial to ask God to open your heart to learn about why many Catholics practice as they do rather than repeating misinformation. I will pray for all on these blogs.

Moderator - Paula, why follow a pagan ritual?

Solve My Riddle
Sin is what God does not have

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