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Husband Prayed To Rosary Beads
You are right,,,No-one can come to the father, except threw Jesus. Mary was Jesus mother and she is blessed by God, but God says in His word to pray to Him without ceasing, didn't say Mary. He is the only way to Eternel Life, there's no other way the Bible says. Jesus paid the ultimate price for the fogivness of our sins, on the cross, that's why He sits at the right hand of God intercessing for us. Peg

Is Pologamy A Sin
Scripture says God ordained a man and woman to marry, but not more than one. It is a sin.

What Is Wrong With Me
Pray to God and ask Him to open your heart to Him. Sometimes things that we exspect and don't get, we kind of give up, ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit every morning to guide and direct you. And force yourself to read the Bible, it's like disiplining yourself to exercise. You can't stay out of scripture and exspect to be close to Him. That's how we get to know Him better. Peg

Can Christians Do Drugs

Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The Lord doesn't want anything get in the way, when He wants to speak to you, with the drug, your mind gets impaired, foggy, not in the right thinking mode , so as not to know what is real and what isn't, and it isn't a good witness to others, if y ou profess to be a christian, God can deliver you, you have to want to give it to him, He has delivered people from a lot of things nothing is impossible for Him. Peg

At Death We Go To Heaven
The Bible says we are appointed to die once then judgement, does not say anywhere in the Bible we are held somewhere for a period of time. Although the catholics believe this, but I go with what my Lord says.

Benny Hinn Is Selling Statues
I hardly think that a statue depicting the Resurection of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour is idolatry.
Jesus Christ is not a false idol, He is the only way! If Benny Hinn wants to sell statues of our Lord and Saviour than more power to him. There are statues of Christ being sold in stores all over the world.
I think Benny is just trying to get Jesus in our hearts and in our homes. Peg ~ <><

Struggling To Hear From God
I shall never forget a teaching that I received at a prayer seminar, and this is what she spoke.
Pray in the spirit for 30 seconds, and then be still for 30 seconds, and during that listening time the Holy Spirit will speak.

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