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Churches That Help The Poor
i am a disabled single mom who got paralyzed from t6 down--this year is especially tough-with the economy and i can tell you from experience most of the churches in my area say they are out of funds and can't afford to help--i don't think it is that they don't want to--they just don't got the money--so from a disabled persons views--i have yet to find help

Wife Trying To Leave Me
ask the lord for guidence, have you and your wife prayed together? find out from her whats she is feeling, listen to her and go from there. you can e-mail back any time.
a friend, peggy

Is My Husband Cheating
i would say he has feelings for her, he does not sound ready to commit to marriage. try to seek help

Who is John Hagee?
as far as john hagee is concerned he will most certainly answer to our lord for his true catholics do not i repeat do not worship mary or any other"idol",no 2 new orleans while it has crime and sinful businesses i do not believe that god brought katrina to destroy it. god does not work that way.i used to like to listen to john hagee but now that he has put down my religion and my state i am through , let him anser to god

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