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Should I Look For A Date
For what i know,God never lie.Being obedient and waiting on God promesses can be the most important things to do.But God is doing is part and you do yours.I believe on one day.May God be with you all the time.

Government Controlling Churches
The comments about Cluny and the church he started is irrelevant.

We are responding to the question about whether the government is telling churches what to preach.

Does ANYONE have any EVIDENCE?????

Let's not even accuse the government without some evidence..... remember the ninth commandment

Is Salvation A Gift
Christian: 'When did sarcasm became a sin?' Your comment about Elija is true- he certainly did not sin there. But there are two times people use sarcasm - when there is something that can be righteously mocked, as was the case with Elija, and times when sarcasm is used simply for the pleasure or convenience of the person using sarcasm.

In the second case, it may be a sin, because its purpose is to hurt, not correct

It is a thing we must be very careful in using, and better use it as little as possible

Christians Explain Evolution
I am not sure as to how you mean the question. But I'll explain my opinion, for what that's worth.

While exolution is not a Biblical view, some people do beleive in it, and some of the discovered follils CAN be explained using evolution. As a result, we can't say that a beleif in evolution is 'ridiculous' for a non-Christian.

Thus, we must present our view carefully and thoughtfully

Parts Of Bible Not Applicable
Jerry: Sections of the OT law are not applicable literally. HOWEVER, they ARE applicable in spirit - there are special requerements about ceremony, which are not applicable, for we are to seek WHY the law was made. Look at Deut 22:8 (put a barrier around your roof) - the reason is so no-one falls off the roof. That is summed up in 'not guilty of bloodshed'.

Do You Bear Truth
Mark V: 'many are turning to RCC and Orthodoxy doctrines. But not the Elect.'

Mark, you take in the reverse, not the way you write it! What you mean is 'if someone turns to the RCC or Orthodox, he/she IS NOT the elect'

But you provide no reason for that opinion. You take that as an initial doctrine.

I am neither of the two, but could you explain WHY you take that view?

Is Bible Only Biblical
more_excellent_way: you comment about ALL AUTHORITY is good, but that was said about Jesus Himself, and the Bible may, as Rocky mentioned, hae errors at least in the translation (in any case, different manuscripts have minor differences).

So we must accept that some danger exists in at least misreading the Bible, and at worst that someone, hundreds of years ago, copied something incorrectly.

We must hope that never occurred, and the Spirit has to guide us on that

Is It A Sin To Be A Rich Christian
The world will end before anyone can legitimately prove that rich people are rich because they work hard, while poor people don't work hard. Every single rich person got where they are due to God-given talents or luck, or most likely a combination of the two.

Why? It is only physically possible for someone to work maybe 5 or 10 times harder than an average person. So then how does anyone end up with 100+ or 1000+ times the wealth of the average folk, unless luck or some other factor like talents is involved?

Even besides the hard work argument, you and I both know that God would never want a rich person to buy a mansion or private jet while millions are starving. If you would argue otherwise in front of God, then we'll talk.

Husband Seeing Old Girlfriend
You should make it clear to him that if he does that, his actions are not Christian.

If he accepts that, then let him go

Christian's Embrace Evolution
The problem is in the phrase: 'to explain creation' in the question.

You can think a lot of things about Creation 1 and 2, and we have the comments that dinosaurs were in Job but not now, so God MAKES changes.....

I will not argue with someone who says that GOD CREATED an animal and then GOD changed it.

But I can't accept 'it changed without God's action'

Dinosaurs Built Pyramids
Interesting IDEA - no actual EVIDENCE, but so many people don't bother with practical matters like evidence - scriptural evidence or practical evidence!

Forgive But Not Forget
If you are able to forgive each time you remember the wrong, than there is no problem. For many people, each time we remember the wrong, we also go back to blaming - then it's better to forget

Raise Taxes Cut Spending
Paul: In answer to your question about cut spending or raise taxes, I cannot see anything to do except both - the deficit is too big to do anything else - otherwise the US will end up like Greece - bankrupt!

Evolution Of The Species
Evolution of the species: no

Evolution within a particular species (as in people getting taller over time, as we have more food) seems OK. But there it is not the creation of a new species, just small changes

I don't see a good reason to think that such little changes can lead to anything as large as the differences we see in nature, and so I consider that God did all that

Married After The Affair
Whatever was the best thing to do (before the divorce and remarriage) is moot, because it can't be undone.

The only important part now is what is the best to do now - it is a question of whether God wants you to remain in that arriage, though it was begun wrongly, or that the two of you separate and live alone.

I am not wise enough to know for sure - remember David

The American Church Spoiled
Depends a lot on which foreign country you're talking about! I've seen a wide range of practices in the countries I've lived in (which are many), and some seem more appropriate that the US ones, others less

Did God Create Sin Or Did We
God made humans, and angels (including Satan), with the ability to decide - to follow God, as He desired, or not to.....

If there was no way to decide, would we still be human? Possibly, but I suspect (subject to your thinking it's appropriate) that a real conscious being (like humans and angels) must be able to choose.

So we were made ABLE to sin, by not doing what God wanted us to

Christmas Tree Burning Bush
John: You quote the month of September for Christ's birth, which I've heard once before.... however, from calculations of others (not my own) the date would seem to be later, possible October or November

Could you provide some explanation - the other people have explained how the calculations were done, and they seem reasonable. Also, the information we have form the Bible certainly does not give any exact date


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