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Depressed Wife Divorced
I remember that somewhere, I don't remember where.....

I just do not know what to do any more. It seems to me that whatever I do now will be wrong. Staying with my current wife is certainly what I would PREFER to do - but when it is what I PREFER, it may also NOT be the CORRECT thing to do!

The fact that my ex wife was making fun of me trying to stay in that marriage makes me wonder (and that is why I remarried) which side of the discussion in Corinthians dealt with me - the side discussing staying with a beleiving spouse or the part about an unbeleiving spouse leaving (what to do is different).

Please contact me, for I de need help in this!

How Is Satan An Angel
shirley: you wrote that Lufifer/Satan wa originally dealing with music

I read something similar in an analogy by Tolkien, some years back

As I do respect Tolkien, could you explain how you undersood this (if you want to contact me, it is Peter3594, in Greece, friendship, you will find me quickly!)

What's Your Church's Name
Cluny: You are Orthodox, perhaps I can ask you something

What does the OrthodoxChurch (which I respect) consider to be the result of babtism in a protestant church

some have said that because the priests are not in the apostolic succesion, the orthodox church does not recognise such a baptism

Have you read anything about this?

You may contact me directly on Peter3594, in Greece, seeking firendship, i think you can find me on the system!)

I am never sure what my country's church beleives about my situation

You know, I prefer not to be baptised again......

God Have To Save Everyone
TheSeg: 'That God will not save anyone who is not a Christian!'


Unfortunately, it does look that way, though it does nto say 'Christian' - the term is beleive (in some cases 'and are baptised') - but where does God put the limit of belief? I am not sure

And perhaps I dont NEED to know

Prayer Needs February 2011
Alan, thank you so much.....

I have one personal and one family matter, so I'll put them here. The family one is for my wife, who has not been ahppy for some time, has generally been finding life difficult, and I would like some others to pary for her.

For me, I'm chasing two jobs (currently only part-time), hope that one of the two bears fruit

Evolution Among Christians
Cluny: Personally, I find it easier (Biblically) to assume it was 24 hours, as otherwise I am not sure what else to believe......

But I do not feel people who think otherwise have a problem - I can't say for sure, and such evidence - especially as to exactly what Gen 1 says, is limited, most is a matter of interpretation

Bible Is Middle Eastern
Andy: The question of who the anti-Christ will be is a long running one, each group have their own idea.... the only thing we know is that it will be a leader against God

We used to think of the USSR, now that is gone but there are still others who fight Christianity and christians, so we don't know yet. Will see

Distance Of God And Adam
Confession VII Line 1

The distance between God and the creature is so great, that although reasonable creatures do owe obedience unto Him as their Creator, yet they could never have any fruition of Him as their blessedness and reward, but by some voluntary condescension on God's part, which He hath been pleased to express by way of covenant

Distance Of God And Adam
Westminster confession VII, line 2

The first covenant made with man was a covenant of works,(1) wherein life was promised to Adam, and in him to his posterity,(2) upon condition of perfect and personal obedience.(3)

Distance Of God And Adam
CraigA: In the Wesminster Confession, as I understand it, Chapter VII deals ONLY with the situation AFTER Adam sinned, not before.

The condition of Adam BEFORE he sined is dealt with in Chapter IV.

In Chapter VII, you are probably reading line 2 (the first covenant) but that appears to be dealing with the covenant with Moses and the Israelites, not Adab before the fall

Gift Of Tongues Exist
Jay: I have heard a number of people speaking in toungues (well 3 that I can remember). And though they spoke different languages, I have always had the impression that the language spoken was the same - could it be the language spoken either in heaven or before Babel?

I am not sure

Are Magicians Demonic
Either they are demonic or they are tricksters (much metter if they are tricksters)!

Do You Follow Pagan Holidays
Emperor Copnstantine became a Christian during his life. Why do we call him pagan?

Also: since Easter is define as the day after Passover, why do you call it pagan?

The NAME Easter is indeed not Christian, but it is only the name, not the celebration

Miss The Traditional Church
Cluny: The Orthodox church is descended from the originl church, yes.

The question is whether there have been changes over the 20 centuries in what it believed.

I cannot say, but it is possible that it is only 'a descendant' not the original

Can Predestined Reject Christ
When discussing predestination, there are always problems! The idea of predestination is not stated directly, but it follows from what is written......

Jesus' True Birthday
Leslie: According to the Bible, Jesus was born during the fall feast of Tabernacles in September.

Since I cannot find that in the Bible (the only Book that gives evidence in Luke, but still I can't find it) could you explain how you found it?


What Is The True Church
Micha: Is there something specific you are concerned about?

For a general definicion, you can know that..... but when we add TRUE, we imply that some are NOt true, and then the debate generally, even on a Christian site like this, gets very ugly very quickly!

Are Some Churches Unbiblical
Donna66: Lovely comment about all being Churches

Perhaps we should not argue so much about minor things!

Not Able To Accomplish
Mark, it sounds like you feel that has happenned to you!

There have been time when I've thought that, but later I was shown either (a) that God did not actually ask it, or (b) that in fact I was able, with His help, to accomplish!

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