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Do Catholics Know History
Ted: I disagree with your 'religious history is meaningless'. I wish it was possible to say that..... but. We all make mistakes, the good thing about history is we can learn from the errors of others (and the gifts of others) without having to make them. Do remember, 'infallible' does not apply to everything....

Pro-Choice And Still A Christian
We need a better definition of 'pro-choice', because there are many different one is the blog..... I can't stand abortion, but mostly I just wish no-one WANTED an abortion, even if they were allowed to choose one. I wish no-one would choose an abortion. Just a wish in this world

Was Jesus Lower Than An Angel
Hebrews 2:7 and Psalm 8 refer to man in general (understandable to say 'lower than angels'). The last one (Heb 2:9), which deals directly with Jesus, I would take as a reference to Jesus time on the earth, not to his real nature as the Son of God - Jesus refers to Himself regularly as Son of Man, and perhaps it is from His taking the nature of man that (temporarily) put Him 'a little lower than angels' - not His full nature

Pork Eaters Go To Hell
From what I remember, although the OT has many rules about eating meat (on what meat not to eat) the only that is carried over to the New Testament is the one about not eating meat that ' was offered in sacrifice' (1 Cor 10:28) - and that for the conscience of the others. I THINK there is also something about eating meat with the blood in it - but very limited. After the Lord showed Peter the sheet with animals in it, it is greatly reduced, if not removed....

Christian With Unconfessed Sin
What do you mean by UNCONFESSED? We all sin in ways we do not understand, or feel it is not important - I take it that God will forgive, as He forgives me for all my other sins. If I make sin a central part of my life, and live for it, desire it above God, am I a christian then?

Influential Political Leader
Being a christian any being a politician does not AUTOMATICALLY many one a christian politician. If a politician uses his (or her) christian beleifs to guide him/her in what he/she does (and there are many), much better for the country (and the world)

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