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What If Big Bang Is True
First of all, there isn't a scientist in the world can explain how to get life from {non-life} and this is what the big bang theory is claiming. And I am sure you know the dictionary definition of theory is "guess". Secondly, the bible is the "most" historicly proven book in exisistance in the world. Those trying to disprove it come away, proving it. Be careful athiest, if you research (for real) you may find yourself {dare I say it}becoming a Christian. OH NO!

Seldom Goes To Church
MY husband and I are not in church every time the doors open, but we are submersed in the word everyday sometimes most of the day. We do believe that fellowshipping with other Christians is very important, therefore we have set up Tuesdays for Bible Study in our home. By all means if you have a church that feeds you spiritually "stay" if you don't live everyday as if you were in the presence of God then church isn't helping you.

Can God Heal A Diabetic
YES, God can heal Anything. "He is the creator" Why some things are healed and others aren't, we don't know. Maybe we are blocking the healing by having the slightest doubt in the back of our minds.

What Is The GREAT Deception
deb, you said, Did God get angry over 'The Tower of Babel' and make His children babbling idiots?

I'm not sure what you mean by that?

Is that what you think that was all about? This was not a case of babbling idiots at all. It was God dividing His people in language and scattering them over the face of the earth. Genesis 11:4-9

Ellen G White's Twin Sister
The only thing I found out about Ellen G. White is that she is a false prophet. I really don't care whether she has a twin sister or not. Why would you care?

Is Vegetarianism Biblical
Steveng, thanks for the bible lesson, but "I" was quoting Deb,Thou shalt not Kill, that was her comment. Have you ever noticed that doctors, and scientists discover one thing one day, and a couple of years down the road someone says oops we made a mistake. I'm sure you didn't mean to sound rude.

Did Jesus Pray To Himself
Jesus was not talking to himself when he said, "O My Father, if this cup cannot pass away from Me unless I drink it, Your will be done." Let us be a little logical, why would He tell His Father not my will thy will, if He were calling the shots?

Beggars Ask For Money
sag, it is great that you want to follow Gods word. Maybe you could ask the person who is doing the begging and ask them if they are hungry, and if they say they are then buy them food. That shouldn't be against the law. Where do you live that it is illegal? I would rather give food then money, because money can be spent on drugs.

Should I Move On With Life
jeff, (1)that is really something that you have to answer for yourself. Only you know the circumstances surrounding your divorce. Was there adultery on her part? I am not asking you to answer that. But you have to know that God did give Moses an acceptable reason for divorce. Is there a reason that you believe that you and your ex can get back together? (another think about question)

Should I Move On With Life
(2) There could be a Godly woman out there that God would bless as a new wife. If there is no blame on you, do you really believe that God wants you to be alone? God created woman to be mans help mate. If the divorce wasn't something you wanted, do you really think He wants you to spend the rest of your life alone?

Should I Move On With Life
(3) If you are worried about sinning against God, sincerely pray to God for guidance, and if a wife new wife is in you prayers, then ask God to send the "right" person. Repentance is very powerful, and if it is real, and the changes in your life are Godly, then God will bless you. I know, "He blessed me and my husband" in ways I could not tell you.

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