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Destination Of Infants
If you have any problem with that, take it up with God.
---Mark_Eaton on 4/29/11

Do you even read what I posted??? I agree all are born in sin. Look also in Galatians and see where it says Christ was "born under the law to redeem them that were under the law" the law of sin and death, humans being born under the law of sin and death die, so did Jesus, now I ask you and demand an answer, if he was born under the law and it's damnable as you insist why do we not count him a sinner too?

What you believe has NO ROOM for this, and so you have a Jesus who cannot redeem you. THINK IT OVER

Destination Of Infants
Rom 3:23 "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God"

OK Mark Eaton, so since no one chose to be born God sins by making sinners -tell me how it can be any other way...if it's not then you have to admit it's not being born in sin that's the sin condemning people to Hell, it's the sin committed as a result of our fallen condition.

Jesus was born as a man knowing good and evil, NOW, venture to call him a sinner if you dare friend. You won't and you can't, but it's what being "shaped in iniquity" is all about, man existing in an elicit form, God allows and nobody ever chose it so it can't be damnable.

Destination Of Infants
Rom 5:12 "Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned"

Death, PHYSICAL death is what's being spoken of, it's the result of the fall of man, it's a consequence of Adam's sin but Jesus mentions a different "condemnation" in John 3:19 it's the rejection of his light for darkness/evil...Look now to Ezekiel 18:20 and learn from the Prophet as he states plainly "the soul that sins shall die" The sons of Adam do NOT pay for his sin as soooo many mislead Christians believe. Learn to be led and you can find the truth, claiming to see keeps you blind.

Pastor Abusing His Daughter
What you should do is turn the information over to the authorities and let them investigate it. It could wrongfully hurt pastor -yes, but if his daughter is truly being abused and you have proof doing nothing would be tantamount to condoning it as well.

Guard your spirit and know that the entire truth of the matter may never be known to you, don't let yourself enter into disgust, God is his judge, you keep your attitude in Christ, especially as we are instructed to give double honor to the man who does God's work.

Imputed Righteousness Christ
Short version: humility

It entails being joined with Christ spiritually 1 corinthians 6:17, For God to do that he has to make it so you've never sinned in his sight, your penalty has to be paid as you come to Christ in faith.

It's his work that all tongues would be silent before him. Better to learn that now. It's not about what you did, will do, but more that you admire and worship his Son and learn him.

The madness works perfectly, you can't know Christ backward and forward without knowing he was perfect, let all give praise to the one and only name under heaven by which men are saved.

Kick 26 Year Old Out
Give him a deadline, extend it if you have to, just get a fire lit under him and give him that chance first, he is after all your son.

Decide upfront how much you are willing to bend, people tend to do as little as is required. Kicking someone out is extreme, it's incredibly hard to bounce back from being homeless, exhaust every other option at your command first, I'd demand he be gone and looking for work from at least 10 am to 2 pm everyday. If you really want him accountable have him produce a list of applications he put in daily and check some of them. 1 Application an hour is reasonable so he should be getting himself out there 5 times a day if from 10-2. Sadly when people act like babies your forced to treat them like one.

Part Of Bible Applies To Us
Obviously were not using Mosaic law to stone blasphemers, so it's true not everything applies, it can does and will still edify if we use it to understand the mind of God, so no, no contradiction in my opinion. Hi Alan :)

Only Christians In The Millennium
Quat, are you saying that the thousand years depicted in Revelation will be one solitary day?

I'm not saying your wrong, I'm trying to understand, if it's not a thousand years as it says, how long would it be?

Personally I think John knew who his readers were and gave it to us as best as we'd understand. I'd love to know more of what you think about it.

Do Animals Go To Heaven
I hope so.

I won't be so bold as to assert that it's true there's passages in scripture that could argue both ways.

That's up to God, and we'll see, but I like to think they will be with us.

Only Christians In The Millennium
No, unbelievers will certainly exist in Hell.

Are You Part Of God's Remnant
Either your saved or your not. Unless you recently suffered some brain injury and subsequent amnesia you should already be aware of where you stand.

There's one sign available everyday and God is willing to confirm it. The sign of Jonah, the resurrection of his only Son.

You can't come to God for what's on the banquet table, you must first feast on the Son of God and receive him. John 6:51

Elder's Wife Heart Attack
I'm with you Barb, I'm still waiting to hear anything, I've called a few times too.

The silence is good in one respect, I am continually prompted to pray as they are in my thoughts. This is hard.

Pastoral Collar In Public
It could also be that they were asked to be served last.

Pastor Refused Me In Church
It's not the norm (notice I didn't say it wasn't right) for someone to be able to just take the floor now, less tolerant scheduling than 1st century churches. "time is money" not that it should matter, but it does to some.
For a church to just allocate time could be construed as inconsiderate, the schedule of the service has to take president over each person's personal agenda.
Unless the church is in the practice of giving the floor to anyone anytime, you should expect what you received.

Pastor Refused Me In Church
I am confused!
---Stephanie on 5/6/08

Don't be, it's not right to say one bond of marriage is more binding than another.
What's done is done, and even if it was right for you to return (it's not) were given grace in Jesus Christ, set free to be who we are NOW in a blessed union with God.

Salvation? See Romans 10:9-13
Stay away from churches with regulations who add requirements to the grace of our Lord.

Is Smoking A Sin
Absolutely, putting poison into your bloodstream is evil.

What's further the premature destruction of the lungs lowers our capacity to breathe the way God intended.

Then there's the chemical influence on the brain, not a big one, definitely not worth the cough and cancer risk. The question is how many times have you "had to" have a cig when you were supposed to be living the life?

Worst of all you make rich those who have no conscience who make money off of death.

Getting To Know You
I like fishing, nature, Bonsai, Bible study, friends, sleeping late and food.
I am married, 38 years young, one child -Emily 11.

I dislike TV, negative or superficial people. I love to encourage and coach, and many mistake this for meddling. I hate winter and horror movies. At a social gathering I am more likely to play with kids then chat with adults about nothing. I play street hockey with neighborhood kids.
2 older brothers, one sister, parents divorced Mom remarried in FL, I live in CT.

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