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How Often Do You Pray
If a friend or family says to you "I was thinking about you today"
Would you say it made your heart feel warm
the thought someone cares.
what a sweet loving person.

God feels this when we think about him, So we all do pray to him in our thoughts.

Does God Want Losers
God wants us to be free. when babies are born they know how to cry, smile, laugh, be joy full. Naturally
I think we should have been learning from the animals, insects, birds.

Words aint Real
Feelings Are.

My Son Just Doesn't Like Me
Everyting is ok friend, tell your self inside "my son loves me". tell your self inside "God I know my son loves me". Tell your self inside "my son is a wonderful person". Do this every time you have a bad thought regarding your son. say to yourself "I forgive my son and he is wonderful, he always cares for me his mum". Do this every minute if you have to. Do this every night before you go to sleep. Make this positive thought energy come from inside to outside. say this in your mind, the more in your mind the more it comes from the heart. God bless your son, And god bless to a wonderful mum. When your mind brings up bad evidence about this problem, Say to yourself "I dont get negative thoughts"

Who is David Jeremiah
I listen to David Jeremiah on the radio, and usually have no problem with his teaching. I don't expect any teacher to have it all together anyway. Do have a problem with his lavish lifestyle, especially if it comes at the expense of those who are asked to donate, some of whom can barley afford a house or a car. Shameful. I will find another to listen to.

Can You Cast Out A Demon For Me
well,im only 13 but casting out demons is my god given telent.i have 2 years of me through god i am fearless and bold and if enyone it should be me.

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