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Are Churches Ritualistic
most churches are ritualistic. they make up programs to choose how their service goes. you'll never hear a sermon on convictions,standards,or making sacarifices. they're all afraid they might have to give up something, which is exactly what the Bible says, and live the way God wants them to. YOU PEOPLE BETTER WAKE UP, JESUS IS COMING BACK SOON AND YOU BETTER HAVE YOUR HEART IN THE RIGHT PLACE. DON'T LISTEN TO THESE SO CALLED PREACHERS. DON'T FOLLOW YOUR PREACHER TO HELL.

What Does Repentance Mean
i disagree with number 3. your not to feel sorry for sin, your to flee from sin.

King James Only Christian
dave, you are right about the KJV of the Bible most people carry, why, because most people that do carry and study from a KJV use the modern version, the NKJV. it is pretty close to the original 1611, but there are a few changes in the text. if more churches would use the true KJV there would be more christians(true christians,not preached into heaven by their teaching preacher christians)in the churches today. man can not preach you into heaven. the only way there is thur the Blood of Jesus AMEN

Is Your Church Exciting
church is not a place for one to seek fun and excitment. if your going for fun, then stop it. God is not pleased with you. churches now days get lost in making it fun instead of teaching the truth(which everyone needs)about repenting and accepting Jesus as their personal saviour. jugdement day is coming and the Bible says that every man shall bow before the Lord God Almighty. you better be prepared. only you can make the choice on where you spend eternity.

Confession Of My Sins
no, it's to late. once you have been forgiven by Jesus Christ our Saviour you are suppose to flee from sin, in others stay away from it. if you go back into sin after forgiveness you have to repent of your new sins. you can't keep doing that though, after so many times God will turn a deaf ear to your pray

When Was Christ Born
december 25 is when we celebrate Jesus birth.
if i remember correctly from my Bible study, His actual birth was somewhere around the end of august into the beginning of september. i will do some research on this and post it later

No Tongues Then No Salvation
good for you, God is not pleased with those that speak in tongues. those that do are usually professing to be a christian just for their own personal gradification. look at me, listen to me, hear what i can do. hog wash. they are so full of themselves that they've not left any room for God. as far as you being Spirit filled and Saved, only you and Jesus can answer that.

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