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Churches That Help The Poor
l in this project that supports vunareble children in one of slum in Kenya nairobi . l was requsting christian those in these churches help the poor to join me and help with what they can support us ,food, learnings, uniform those the key

Is Your Life A Failure
There r times when u feel like GOD has forsaken u, but HE hasn't. you have 2 keep pushing foward and pray, study the Word of God, seek HIS face. tr reading Jeremiah 33:3. phyllis

I've Been Dating A Married Man
1. r u still seeing this man? if so, STOP! 2. r u a Christian? If u r u know that u r wrong and need 2 repent. 3. don't u think that his wife doesn't know about u? u r the one who going 2 get hurt cause i'm sure the wife is hurting as itis, so why would u tell her? did u stop 2 think of how she might react 2 u? all i can say is find a Christian man the u can have 4 ur own and ask 4 forgiveness and drop this man asap.

Forgive But Not Forget
it is the right thing to forgive but you have to ask GOD to help u with the forgetting part. it takes time but with God's help it can go away. just keep praying and asking God to help u 2 forget this hurt.

Pagan Easter Church Services
Eloy, I dont just believe it - I know it. We ALREADY celebrated Passover. Are you saying that all the Jews and Believers that celebrated Passover on April 2nd and 3rd are wrong and you are the only one that is right?

My Church Had A Dance Contest
I wouldn't know why you would want to have a dance contest at church. However, I do believe in dancing unto the L-rd. In my congregation, we do Davidic Dance, giving honor and glory to Y'shua - no couples dancing. Dancing is used throughout both the OT and NT & when not perverted is quit an honor to our L-rd. Anything can become perverted when we allow paganism to come in. In Judaism, we do not write out the full name of G-d, becasue it is so holy. Also, there were no vowels in the original Hebrew.

Purpose Of Baptism
When Nicodemus went to Yeshua and asked him what he had to do to be saved, Yeshua did not tell him he had to be baptized - he told him he had to be "born again" - born the first time from the water from the womb born the second time of the Spirit.

Fly Jews To Israel
These Jews are being returned to the land that G-d promised to them - they are making Aliah - going back to the promised land. I don't remember the exact scripture, but the Word tells us that in the last days the Jews will return to their land from all over. You can go to Israel if you are a Messianic Jew, but you are not allowed citizenship if the government there knows you are a believer. It is all in G-d's wondrous and amazing plan.

Is Israel Cut Off From God
1st Cliff - please read the rest of Jeremiah chapter 3 along with chapter 4. Adonai is asking Israel and Y'hudah, his backslidden children, to come back to him. And, whether Jew or Gentile, we can only get to heaven through Messiah Y'shua (John 14:6)

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