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False Doctrines In Church
mima there is a saying:::those that blow the same trumpet and the same tune at the same person are empty vessels themselves.

Saved From The Law Or Sin
He came to save man..He came bcos He is the Law..He came and the Mosaic laws of ordinances ended for He bcame the Sacrificial Lamb of God that took away the sins of the more sacrificing animals for atonement..He came to save us from our spiritual sins...

What Is The Apostate Church
the apostate church is the church that rejects Gods Old Testament scripture and the Ten Commandments of God..including His 7th day Sabbath..amen

Offended By Women Pastors
bernice: that sounds like women's liberation to me..this is God's church and He directs us to do His will, not mans will..women are good preachers also, BUT THEY ARE NOT TO SPEAK IN CHURCH..are we going to reject what God has given us or commanded? Never..we obey Him..God bless

Jesus Is Coming Back On A Cloud
Cloud is symbolic of angels..He is coming with His angels which will look like clouds in the distance and as they come nearer, the angels will then be visible..You asked your question with a hint of mocking Christ..Lord have mercy..

Is Cremation Biblical
In Biblical days, some people were burned off so why worry about it..Am sure its okay..after all, it is only a fast forwarding of the process of decomposition..we return to dust from whence God created us from..dont worry friend, you wont feel'd be very dead then and wont know

Why Is Zimbabwe Poor
Isnt Zimbabwe part of the Ishmael lot? I am only guessing perhaps someone here knows. A lot of these African nations were worshipihg other Gods werent they? surely Jehovah was with them in the begining and their ancestors rejected Him and in time forgot Him totally and the following generation missed out...interesting to know if their ancestors knew and if so, why did they reject Jehovah?.

When Will The Rapture Occur
Dont believe anything movie makers dish out for all to see..there is no such thing as a rapture, but scripture says, example, 2people in the field, grinding/meaning teaching the gospel, one will be taken up/for the truth he shares and the other left behind/false teacher etc. many examples..this is where the movie makers got the idea and called it the Rapture.

Book Of Revelation Difficult
Michelle: the Christians at the begining of the age were called 'PEOPLE OF THE WAY'..followers were later called Christians when Christ came. Read Ex31:17 Sabbath is a sign between God and the children of Israel/followers of Christ.Read to the end..He wrote it with His own fingers.

Where Is Satan Now
where is satan now??? in Lee and John T's camp of cause lol .. where else...

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