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Can I Marry A Hindu Guy
And why do people call everyone who is not christian a non beliver? They still belive in god. I think that's all that really matters

Christian Woman Marry A Hindu
I thought god loves everyone. If thats true I honestly doubt he'd mind you marrying someone who chooses to worship him in a diffrent way. It's not like he hates god is it? And Hinduim is a bit similar to christinity. They only have one god too. He just takes diffrent forms to accomplish diffrent tasts. It's a mental thing, more of a methapor. And it's supposed to make it easier to consentrate when you pray

What Is Unequally Yoked
Just because you choose to worship god in a diffrent way I don't think it means your non-god loving, or unequally yoked as you seem to put it.

Husband Has A Girl Friend
Yuo should leave him. If your going to be clingy then he'll know that he still has you. If he losses you he might feel sad and lonley and realize he loves you and come back to you. If he doesnt, his loss, you should find someone who deserves you

Blessing If You Win At Gambling
No, I'd just call if luck of chance

Can I Marry A Hindu Guy
And theres no way to convert to hinduism because it's a very loose religon. If you wanna follow it you can, all you have to say is I'm hindu. And your allowed to thread other religons into it.

Can I Marry A Hindu Guy
My parents don't agree to me doing that either. I just ignored them and did it anyway. And I'm really glad I did, theres nothing wrong with it. We're happy and in love. But then again we were both very open minded. So it's upto you. If you don't think you could handle being with someone of another religon don't do it. But I think its worth it to be with someone I love, hes my soul mate in every way

Is Intolerance Of Sin Wrong
Okay this isnt a matter of religon, its just more of a matter of what you think is right and wrong. Some people will tolerate it because they think its none of their bussines. But seeing how its your daughteer, or I'm guessing it is, no you don't have to tolerate it.

Still My Wife In Heaven
In your wedding vows, did you say till death do us part? Cause then when a person dies it means the marriages is called of. That's why me and my fiance are going to change it to something which binds us forever^_^ cause when one of us dies we both agreed we don't want to get married again

I Fell In Love 8 Months Ago
You can be friends, but if you really don't trust yourself its better to move him out of your life

Church Is A Waste Of Time
I don't think it matters where you worship god from as long as you worship him what does it matter?

Pastor Wants To Have An Affair
I hate reading about broken marriages. It's heart breaking. But he should divorce his wife. Going behind her back and cheating on him will just hurt her. I know that it's against your religon and all but sometimes it really is for the best

My Wife Is Still Having Affairs
Go to a marriage councler. If that doesn't work out, divorce her

Why Are Many Religions Needed
Maybe there are diffrent gods. Maybe their are diffrent ways to worship gods Who knows. Don't question it. Everyone is entitled to their own right. And everyone has their own belifs. Some people dont even follow a religon and sort of have their own. You should pick a religon that fits your morals. As long as your a good person, I don't think it matters. I don't think anyone is evil either. Like if you kill someone, their either mental, or they've had bad experisnses that affect them in a negative way.

Looking The Same As Lusting
If it hurts you then you should ask him to not comment to it. Boys are probably going to be attracted to other girls regardless, but its sort of rude to talk about it like that and comment about it in front of their girlfriend. I would not stand for that. Some girls don't really mind but obviously you do. I think this is more of a personal thing then a religous thing. If it bugs you talk to him about it. If he doesn't stop he obviously dones't care enough too. But reamber your the one he choose.

Divorce Or Loveless Marriage
Do you have kids? I'm sure if you do your loveless marriage is hurting them. It might taint their future relationships. I advice getting a divorce. Or if you really wanna stay go to a marriage councler. It might but the spark back

We Have Slept Together
Some people don't belive in marriage. They are not extreamly religous. Maybe he thinks that if you guys marry problems will start and you'll be seprated just like his other two wifes. I'm sure he loves you and is attracted to you. Not wanting to get married has nothing to do with it. Maybe you should go to a relationship counsler? And my commiting I'm assuming you mean marriage? I'm sorry if I'm wrong

Christian Woman Marry A Hindu
and also just because a certain group of people do something doesn't mean everyone does it. and love is love. and if god really exists I doubt hed discriminate people. like that, not sending them to heven just because they dont worship him or they dont belive in him. If hes good he shouldnt care about that stuff. If you see a human going if you dont follow me im going to torture you for the rest of your life, youd think he/she was evil, wouldnt you?

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