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Can Christians Be Liberals
never crestans belive in evel and who says to eat aman flesh and drink his blood how can he be a god you cristans are fooling around with wrong religion you guys are brainwashed and filled your mind with agod whoa sks his deciples to eat his flesh and drink his blood i think you god is devil yea iam sure if you have any suggestions or would like to debate your faith in god email me

Origin Of The Title Reverend
Origin word's of Reverend

Hinduism vs Christianity
scriptural details and astrological calculations gives Krishna's birth" year as 3228 BCE. 12 Yeshua of Nazareth is generally regarded as having been born in Palestine circa 4 to 7 BCE. Thus, if there are many points of similarities between these two individuals, most skeptics and some religious liberals would accept that elements of Krishna's life were incorporated into the legends associated with Jesus rather than vice-versa

Is God Alive Today
because God himself became man to make you understand IN A BETTER WAY. so now we dont need samuel and mosess

Was Melchizedek Jesus
no he did not tell abraham to take off his sandels.

Churches That Help The Poor
i am catholice and bible says that your left hand should not know what your right hand is doing

Can Women Know The Bible
yes as a catholice

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