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Recently Cheated On My Wife
Suppose you got married at the age of 25, so till the age of say 60 when you are physically active I beleive it is quite natural that man will be attracted by woman other than his wife many times.

But as I think nomally,this is only one part of the story.

In our country (India I mean) to have physical relation with other women(leave aside prostitute)I have to plan and execute so many tasks.

First, convey my intensions to the other women, convince her, make plan that we can be togather alone etc.I donot think it is so easy.

Morale of my monologue is unless you are bent upon cheating your wife it is no cakewalk. That is what I think and donot call me naive.

Science Increases Faith
Why only informations on scentific discoveries will affect beleif/faith positively or negatively. All informations of different kinds may affetct the beleif systems.
Even informations such as christians in USA or Europe are selling their old historical church properties irresponsibly may sound awkward and silly to many christians.

When Is Anger A Sin
I am an angry person. I loose temper very quickly. Therefore I will surely try to justify why an angry person like me should be given a go by.

Well for most people to be quickly angry is not good attribute. This is surely true. A balanced person who doesnt get angry is always a better person.

But to give some justification for person like me to say, ok you can be angry as long as you do not plan to do deliberate harm to other.

Youth Pastor Dating A 15 Year Old
In our country (India) 15 is not marriageable age for girls. As we see it she should concentrate in studies for school final. It is good if pastors future wife is at least school pass.

But then such behavior is not normally expected of a pastor.

Do not blame me if some other youth of the congregation scolds him for doing so.

But I do not know what is done in America. Is this allowed in America, if parents are aware?

What are all the things allowed in America for young pastors ?

Christian Vegetarians Confused
I think in the matters of thinking christains should think more with heart than the brian. Afterall christianity as I beleive is more to do with heart, and with a very pesonal God who understands a humble heart. Christans ,are challenged to be more like children rather than a stiffnecked allknow guy.

I remember seeing a muslim fellow in TV somewhere in the central africa aflicted by severe famine, crying out to his god for forgiveness, as he was not been able to eat the soup out of rotten caracas of dead animals with thanksgiving prayer.
when poor can be such dsparate situation, does it make any difference if elephant soup or grass soup is on richman's table for discussion.

Christian Vegetarians Confused
My children like chicken or fish curry,but cannot stand slaughter house.
Our all food originates from live things.But for many thinking pepole,this is a big dilema. So they try in-between solution. Donot eat animals that move around, reproduce offsprings, have almost all organs similar to us, eyes, ears, limbs, stomach, heart etc. Also they protest if you want to kill and eat them.
When my wife brings chiken or fish curry on the table,I have a kind of guilty feelings.At times I try not to eat.
I carry all my life a childhood incident(may be I was 3 or 4),how my parents sold a brown goat to butcher that was raised in our house, and how it was looking back at me standing paralysed on the door step, when dragged away for slaughter.

I Want A Traditional Church

Yes I too like to sing hymns. I think singing is an important aspect of personal worship. Many a times hymns are better than the scripture reading, as wonderful words of praise comes out. Therefore I do not care much what the pastor is saying. Sometimes he may be inspiring, and at other time boring.

I am also not very social type.

Yes with regard to lyrics of the hymns some of them are so wonderful, that whole lot of new meaning comes out when I ponder they give whole new meaning.

Can I Marry A Hindu Guy
NOW WITH REGARD TO CHRISTIAN MARRYING NONCHRISTIAN, I think there is no straight forward reply.

Christian part of the family would like to see that the new family follows christian social customs. They would like to see the children grow up as christians. This is pehaps christians in their heart of hearts would like see every loved ones in the same place even in the afterlife.

Well one thing is for sure. Marriage between two christian partners is not a gaurantee for an ideal home (if ideal home means a christian any way)

Marriage between christian and non christian partner is not necessarily a hell for children.

Can Christians Drink Alcohol
Why only drinking, doing everything in excess (including eating /sleeping/ fighting/ etc) are immoral parhaps. I think there can someone who is teetotaler, goes to church but draws pronographic pictures in the public toilets when alone. Do you like to pass him off as good christian or as a sick man.

Driking within limits and with friends once in a blue moon should not cause problem for anyone I think.

How To Choose A Church
There is not much to think about. I think which ever church you are comfortable with, you should attend.

I like to sing hymns. I think singing is an important aspect of indiviual/personal worship.Many a times hymns are better than the scripure reading, as wonderful words of praise comes out . Therefore i donot care much what the pastor is saying. Sometimes he may be inspiring , some time he may be boring.

I am also not very social type.

So suerly i would select a church where good hymns are sung on regular basis and i can enjoy my singing hymns as praise.

Can I Marry A Hindu Guy
WITH REGARD TO PRIYA's, querries I would like to say as below,-

PRIYA, if are sure that Good Lord came to you, please be exceedingly happy, because you are fortunate in spite of being from other faith. There are many christains who are not as fortunate as you are.

Christians are all human beings. They may say things which may seem to be offensive and painful to you. Leave aside those. Enjoy Good Lord's company. Good Lord will understand.

Can I Marry A Hindu Guy
In our country(India) christian society acomodates marriage between a christian and non-chrsitian partners. from a perspective of christain society, i think christians would like to keep their people with them .so i think in general in our country such a family is also considered as still christian.

well Afterall chritianity is primarily a matter of heart and a very personal God.

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