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Christian Ten Commandments
check into constantine and the history around him he seemed to change alot.I think you'll find the answer your looking for.

Is The Catholic Bible Biblical
This is fantastic news you have done what so many others should. Really at this point i think you need to look up a bit of history about the catholic church and especially surrounding constantine he seems to have had his hand in changing a whole lot.

Teaching Evolution In School
i see nothing worng with teaching this as a theory. I also think the schools should get on the band wagon and teach about the seven major religionsof this world. to not do that would be detrimental to our youth. They need to know whats out there and why people are so convicted to their religion in order to understand how this world works and why people act the way they do in a certain sitiuation. this is only the basics behind my thoughts i'd like to hear yours.

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
i think kath. hit on something in her #2 it had not fermented therefore it was not alcohol. it was merely juice. So no he was not promoting wine.

The True Remnant Of Israel
jana i am completley sure. Of my belief in what the scriptures say I have studied the history and what the bible says. All i'm saying is we should focus on teaching what it says to those who need more understanding, rather than boast about the church i attend. I'm not saying they are not fantastic people, I'm saying ultimatley it just matters what the book says. And we are chosen to help his people understand the book.

The True Remnant Of Israel
jana my calling is not to tell people they are wrong only to help them read the book. i am not here to promote what church i go to just what the book says. That i do shout

The True Remnant Of Israel
The remnant is in all of the churches and faiths. their is only one true teaching but his sheep will soon be called out of them to follow him.

Revelation In Chronological Order
joshua- there is a fantastic book on how religious education has taken a back seat and feelings and emotions of scripture have come to the forefront. I think if more people would get back to sola scriptura " the bible only" and study some history on the bible people would have a better understanding of what and why other people think the way they do. its by Prothero the title is Religious literacy

Ten Commandments Gone Now
lee- before their were jews there were the ten commandments. Just because that is tradionally a day the jews keep doesn't mean youre jewish for keeping it it just means people are trying to follow what the bible says is that so wrong why can't you back off. They truly believe in the sabbath and they care about all who they think could be lost they are just trying to save you why can't you love them for that instead of putting them the scriptures and history to see if any of this has validity.

What Is The Biblical Sabbath
lee- youre right the ceremonial laws are out, what about jesus, to deny what he says is to deny that he knows what hes talking about math. 5-18 for verily i say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the LAW till all be fulfilled. I think that explains itself pretty clear. what law was he talking about i asked you before and got no answer. Can you find any other reason for him saying this if not then is the earth still here yes.

2008 Mark Of The Beast Mandatory
joshua-read colossians 2:14 blotting out the handwritting of ordances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to the cross; does that really sound like the commandments or, is it the laws that moses wrote with his own hand. Be careful when you read these texts that you find out exactly what sabath its talking about. I was confused for a while untill i started really reading the texts around these verses don't let them fool you.

What Is The Biblical Sabbath
lee- i don't know why you take the advice of mere men instead of god. he says that in hebrews 8:10 for this is the covenant that i make with the house of israel after those days, saith the lord, i will put my laws in their mind, and write them in their hearts: and i will be to them god, and they shall be my people. to me that means yes the old covenant made was abolished but not his laws (ten commandments)

What Is The Biblical Sabbath
lee- all the people are telling you the same thing, perhaps maybe god is trying to tell you something.

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