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USA Becoming Socialistic
I dont think that there is a Soviet flag as the Soviet is not a country. There is the old hammer and cycle flag of the former Union of Socialist Soviet Republics -USSR. Is that what you saw? It would be interesting to see that out in front of the White House. I live here in DC and even the very conservative Washington Times did not report it.

Presidential Faith Forum
nurserobert, Maybe we should poll those women with whom he had an affair as well.

Presidential Faith Forum
If McCain believes that human life begins at the moment of conception, I think a fair question of him and his wife, and all candidates who are pro life, would be what kind of birth control did they use? Some birth control prevents ovulation, some fertilization, and some prevents the zygote from being implanted in the uterine wall by his description that would be the same as an abortion. Did he and his wife ever use the later?

I Was Asked To Leave The Church
All I know is that I would not go back. Lots of churches will welcome you regardless. Bless you in your journey.

Must Christians Tithe
Dudley, What you state is what most Americans believe about their giving. The fact is that the US gives less of the GNP than any other developed counrty in the world, we are below Greece. And when speaking about personal giving, I believe that you are citing a study done on giving in the US. If it is the same one it has largely been discredited as it only compares blue states against red states. It does not account for individual giving. Studys have shown the poorest people in the country give per centage wize more than the richest. We are the richest country in the world, tithing is where we should be starting our giving not the end of our giving.

Must Christians Tithe
eloy, Sorry I am not getting the same message that you are. But that is OK. I will continue to do what I feel the Holy Spirit is telling me to do. Even though I don't do as the widow with her mite, who gave everything, I will continue to give what I can.

Must Christians Tithe
I have tithed since I was in my 20's and now in my 50's I try to give more than that. The reason that I do it is because most of us in the West have been given much and are responsible for what we are given. Statiscally the poorest in the US give a larger percentage of their income than the richest. The lowest givers are the middle class. Eloy, can you explain why tithing is a sin?

Why Should People Attend Church
Cole, When I attended a Southern Baptist Church I felt the same way. I now attend a small Episcopal Church. We love, nurture, and support each other. I am fed spiritually. And I like going to the Communion Rail every Sunday where, I am able to join with generations of believers, on our knees, to do this in remembrance of him.

Christians Supporting Israel
It is important to remember that Israel does not support us. Their espionage activities are legion. They are only surpassed by China in their spying against the US and our interests.

I Don' t Have Any Penpals
Im here. How are you? Whats your name?

Democrats For Abortion
It is kind of interesting about generosity, that the most generous people in the US tend to be religious conservatives, which I doubt, but the people in this country that give the largest part of their gross income are the poorest in the country. Those making less than $30K a year give proportionally the most. Also marriage was redefined by the high divorce rate in this country not gay marriage.

Democrats For Abortion
The Dems have more pro-life policies than the Republicans. The Republicans are just anti-abortion. It is the same with the outcry over these pro-family groups being upset over gay marriage. Go to the sites of the ones that were recently outraged about the California decision. If they are so pro-family why dont they work with equal enthusiasm to make divorce illegal, strengthen laws against dead-beat parents, and ensure that children get adequate health care? It is because they are not pro-family.

Democrats For Abortion
I will vote Republican when they become pro-life not just anti-abortion.

Elder's Wife Heart Attack
I pray for God to heap his healing mercies on her and the Holy Spirit to comfort the family.
I am a heart attack survivor and I know it is scary but it is survivable.

Pastoral Collar In Public
KarenD Then I guess that you dont condone people wearing a cross around their neck or putting bumper stickers on their cars.

Should We Demand Justice
Mima, we should demand justice when anyone is wronged, white-black, rich-poor, gay-straight, Christian-non-Christian. Not just when we are wronged. But on this site we are obsessed with sexual sins and about remarriage and asking permission to do something. I think DEMANDING justice for everyone is a Christians most effective witness. Justice is one of the three things God REQUIRES.

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