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Where Are The Real Ladies
I seek a Bible-believing, God-fearing man to be with. I am humble; honest, and seek the same. I have experienced dishonesty and non-Christian references when conversing with guys in Christian websites. Even a missionary was dishonest and hid behind his position to cover up what dishonesty lay beneath. I know what it is like to be disappointed.

Stay Away From Bad Christians
Psalm 1 says to walk not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor sit in the seat of the scornful. We are known by the company that we keep. It hurts our testimony if associates are not living what they believe or at least making the effort. Your testimony rests on your credibility. It is our personal responsibility to be strong and say no to associating with people who are not sincerely trying to serve God. Sooner or later they would influence you in a bad way. What would you possibly have in common with them? It is best to be alone than to fraternize and promote evil.

A Non-Virgin Looking For Marriage
If you are born again, you are pure in the eyes of God, child. Jesus' blood covers all sin. The only thing that God can't do is remember sin.

What If Jesus Didn't Defeat Death
One drop of Jesus' blood covers all sin. I will pray for you that your eyes will be open to receive the truth of God's love.

Did Jesus Build Crosses For Pay
I love the Lord so much that it never entered my mind-that situation. But, I am not degrading you for asking. Christians can talk to each other and be respectful.

Handle Long Distance Relationship
Feel free to write me. I had experience with a long-distance relationship and could compare notes. The guy that I wrote lived overseas.

Give Daughter Back To Abuser
I would seek counseling for your whole family. I would also make sure that he is delivered from generational curses by having him attend an Encounter workshop.

Acceptable To Date Divorced Person
If her spouse divorced first and was a believer, she is supposed to wait for him to remarry to avoid her marriage to you becoming adultery. If her spouse was a non-believer, it doesn't matter if he remarries or not. If she divorced, she still needs to wait until her former spouse remarries first in order for her marriage to you to not be adultery.

My Long Distance Friend Is Fading
I would have to know more about the situation to be able to help you. But, if you put God first and put the guy in the care of the Lord, you can never fail. You have to completely love and trust the Lord and want what God desires for your life above all.

I Am A Former Muslim
Once a person becomes a believer, there will be darkness and light living in the same household if the spouse is not also a believer. The Bible says that the spouse can leave and that is Biblical. It would be best if those biblical principles were followed, rather than for a christian to pursue divorce, in your instance. The divorce is under the blood of Jesus and not under law in that instance. If two believers divorce, then they are committing adultery. So, whoever remarries first frees the other one to remarry without committing adultery.

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