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God Told Me Who To Marry
God is not the author of confusion. God is a God of peace. We can often times misinterpret God's plan with our own desires. When I am uncertain about something I pray for confirmation and I can tell if I heard correctly by the way I feel. If I am still doubtful or confused I know God is telling me that's not His plan for me. If I have an overwhelming sense of peace I pretty much believe God is giving me the go ahead.

Praying For A Husband
Why are christians so mean. If someone is struggling because they have a desire for a husband, then why don't you people pray and impart Gods word with gentleness. I am so tired of so called christians beating people in need over the head with their version of the bible. Check yourselves.

Nuff said, have a good one

Signed rapture ready

Can Sin Or Satan Enter Heaven
Okay there had to be some sort of sin..Let's see Lucifer was vain,coniving,and power hungery...Do these not protain to sin??? Not only him but also the third of the angels as well...Hello this sounds like a soap show..Where in the world did the birth of sin come from if not from Lucifer??? They already had the tree of good and evil which lead man to fall..Lucifer is an angel thats why in revelations he is being thrown in the pit for a thousand years and will be released again...Does anybody really know where sin was born????The angels have free will but do not have a soul that was what put Lucifer over the edge..Angels can't receive redeption as God has given us the right to receive redeption..

My Husband Is Narcissistic
I have just began to understand that my husband of 20 years is narcissistic. He has made my life and my kids life miserable. I stayed so long because I thought it was the "right" thing to do. I did not want to raise my children in a single parent home. I now see how his rage and odd behavior has really affected my kids. I don't think that I should of stayed and I really want a way out. I am making a way out!

Help For Marriage Abuse Issues
yes i'm going throught that problem as we husband now has became very abusive to me and ot hurts alot.He gets mad a the smallest things and he wants to hit me talk to me any kind of way and the bad part about it is that he do this in front of people and that's what hurts the most. i cry often hoping that this would come to an end i pray all i know what's best for mw is to leave.

Affair With My Wife's Sister
i think you should tell your wife if she is with christ she can forgive you but she never has to forget... i know god can forgive you and so can she...

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
Was it Jesus' plan to have 100's of denominations all answering to no one but their own interpretation of the Bible or their ministers(also very much men), or rather are we to be one body united to Christ w/ certain given the power to bind / and loose (forgive sins in Jesus' name and tend His flock) where is this one, holy, apostolic church Jesus answer is the Catholic church.

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
Who chose early Christian letters/writings for Bblical books...Catholic church. The pope, bishops, priests are men and capable of sin. I as one of many Catholics, don't defend the abusive priests. Even Jesus chose a bad seed (Judas) - why did He? and why did the apostles replace Judas? (Acts). Peter denied Christ 3 times. Jesus warned the disciples about satans evil designs for them...He promised the powers of hell would not prevail against His church...he did not promise they would not try.

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
We (RCC) are not brainwashed and do not say the pope is infallible(except when he makes a proclamation ex cathedra on matters of faith and morals which is extremely rare) Issues like the Immaculate Conception and Mary ever virgin) which are not in the bible but were declared as doctine for the faithful, because thru the years these truths (initially known and held by early Christians) were not being handed on; and false teachings or ignorance of these truths were filtering into the church.

Too Much Christian Hypocrisy
the issue of hypocrisy in the church is one of the main reasons non-belivers stay away from church. they have no biblical background, or any knowledge of the fact that Jesus Himself hated religion and hypocrisy. if the Church is confused and not on one accord, how can we expect to really change the world and bring people in to the Kingdom? this HAS to be addressed within the Church!! we are God's voice, we are His representation here on earth!

Who Is Kim Clement
I've traveled to some of Kim's meetings over the last 20 years. He had a prophecy for my father as he was lying in a hospital 20 yrs ago. He's still alive today. It was a Word from the Lord, 100% accurate. Kim will be the first to tell you he may miss it once in awhile. But his credibility stands. He's been invited to the White House. Every prophecy he's ever spoken over any one I know has come to pass. He has a heart for the Lord. You never hear him on TV fleecing the crowd for dollars.

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