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Who is Chuck Missler?
Chuck Missler is a very smart individual. He usually thinks and talks over most peoples heads, including mine. The Bible doesn't really talk of the rapture. Read Matt. 13:24,30 then 36, 43. Like in the days of Noah. He wasn't taken from here, the evil ones were. It'll be that way till the end of the tribulation. The evil ones will be thrown in the fire and christians will be kept here with the Lord.Matt. 24:37,39. 40-42 says one will be taken and the other left. most people have that backwords. The evil ones will be taken and thrown in the fire not those of us in Christ.

What Is The Gift Of Singleness
I would assume that the gift of singleness could be described in 1 Corinthians Chapter 7. Also in Acts Chapter 21, verses eight & nine. The chapter in 1 Corinthians speaks about how it is better to be single than married because the married person must please his or her mate where the single person is devoted only to pleasing God. Personally, I'm tired of being single. LOL. God bless you all. Getting baptized on Sunday. Praise God.

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