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7 Sacraments Is 7 Hills
Rev 17:9 the woman(church)Vatican sits on 7 mountains. the only church that has its own government, the smallest in the world. The Roman church that sitteth on the 7 mounts.

Tithe Your Money Or Else
from Leviticus to Luke, tithing was recorded on any increase you might get from your fields of corn, wine, ..really the increase of everything you have from your fields and today, its monetary increase. Tithing helps pay for pastor or Gods work. Offering pay for bills etc.

Scripture For Salvation In Tongues
Thanks for posing the question. It boils my blood when we read of so many 'experts' who tell people that speaking in tongues is not necessary for salvation, there are so many scriptures that depict this. an example is romans 1,16... correctly translated reads something like. 'for I am not ashamed that there is the good news of the anointing for it [the anointing] is the power of God unto salvation. this is the power [dunamis, explosive power] to every one who believes. So many people quote verses from the epistles out of context. the epistles were written to Spirit Filled people, not the believers. read acts 10:44 on. hope this helps

Burn In Hell For Eternity
you need to read your bible




YOU NEED TO WAKE UP and actually
then you might know some truth

and the goodnewsaboutgod dot com

Are Magicians Demonic
deut 18:10-13 is in reference to the canaanite's who were curious into occultic references. these occults claimed to have the ability to see into the future. the bible teaches that all we need to know about the future is what God wants us to know through the holy spirit. so illusionists are not bad as long as they do not become occults. besides judgement is not for us. if the holy spirit does not urge you to stop something and you have no guilt, then the illusionist is not bad. if someone is saved then the illusionist could be a tormentor or not. its up to what the spirit sees fit for that christian. God bless you.

Should Abortion Be A Choice

you say that you will not condone any abortion?
then i agree. but when you attack the the people as occupiers of the territory, the Lord said I will bless those that bless thee, and curse those that curse thee. if you don't condone what is going on in isreal, or the usa then try to help change it by peaceful means. but what it sounds like is the whole liberal side, who hates isreal(GOD'S Chosen)and the usa. and love islam which is a cult. so where do you stand?
and are probably an obama supporter. i didn't want my comments to get poltical but when i see liberism in a christian forum it tends to make the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Can A Woman Be A Pastor
No i dont think a Woman should be a pastor NOT because men are better but because it says in Gods word that Men are to be Pastors and women are to be teaching the children and the other women in the church

Women can be teachers but not pastors

1 Timothy 2:10-11

Obama Bows To Muslims
respect maybe

Wets His Pants During Spanking
It is often said, don't hit your kids. I agree. However, I believe some kids will sometimes (rarely, I hope) have to be corrected by slightly violent physical means.
It seems kind of bizzarre to me, to tell a child to urinate because you are going to spank him. If the child is cooperative enough
to do what you tell him at the moment, he
is cooperative enough so that it is not necessary to strike him at all. Use the other
means suggested by others here, unless a child is completely out of control and openly

The Father Mother Earth

I agree that nowhere in the Bible does it claim that Adam ever became "father earth". However, his name does mean earth and he did father Cain and Abel.

The Father Mother Earth

You are right the Bible does not mention "Father Earth." However, Adams name means earth and he did become the father, or great great grandfather of all human beings.

Husband Wants Dirty Talk
wonder how much "dirty talk" MARY had to listen to. being filled with the sprit of the lord i dont think the lord would want to hear such things. Sounds to me there may be a demon sneaking into a marriage. For those of you saying whatever goes on in a married bedroom is ok should get on there knees and ask for forgiveness. A marriage and togetherness in a bedroom is a beuitful thing not a DIRTY thing. The two most diffantly collide. REMEMBER THIS, IF IT DOES NOT GLORIFY THE LORD IT GLORIFIES SATAN. Does dirty talk glorifies the lord?1? I think not..there is your answer, simple as that. Sorry for all the miss spelled words, May the lord bless you all and lets pray that the devil is not the winner in this one. Take care

My Husband Just Left Me
meet a 54 year old male just seperated from his wife, Texas this person is me

What If Big Bang Is True
who is to say the lord didnt use the so called big bang to create the world in the first. he created it somehow did he not.who is man to question anything that goes on in this world we know nothing about nothing

One World Church Movement
there is only one church now, satan split it up in the name of religion. using diffrent religions to seperate his people. he never told anybody to be religious just faithful

Diabetes In Children
yes, children can have diabetes.

Mega Church Pastor Salaries
200000 a year

I Need A Good Pastor In Church
my husband is a pastor with over 11 years of pastoral experience . where are you located? and has your church found a pastor?

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