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What If It Doesn't Work
repeat and repeat sounds like ritual . you claim it did not work sweetie sometimes no answer is an answer. as for "now what" just be grateful for everything rejoice in just waking up be ready for what ever Jesus puts in your day and trust that all you could possibly ask he already knows and will answer . Your life guard so to speak "walks on water" so just keep stroking ... have your self a Jesus filled day

Wets His Pants During Spanking
I am 48 years old. The last spanking that I ever received (always with a belt) at the age of 18 years old I wet my pants. I had to clean myself up and change my clothes to go to work. I never received a spanking without wetting my pants and sometimes before the belt ever hit me. I have had and do have nervous issues. My hands shake, I am obsessive-compulsive, in-and-out of depression, etc. Have always accepted horrific behavior from others. Please don't make this mistake with your children. I believe this is abuse and nobody should be hit by others especially by your parents. Who can you trust if not your parents?

Wets His Pants During Spanking
are you angry when you spank your child? You may be scaring him he can not help him self.You need to be careful and show some love.

Continue To Spank My Teenager
did you ever stop to think that you may cause your children to hate you if you continue to spank at 11-13

Spanking Young Teenagers
NO,I do not think you should spank even young teens,as that could lead to even bigger rebeling.There are better ways at that age.Also you need to treat them as older people,not as little kids

Strict Outward Appearances
Yes that is right.There is alot of the bible that talks about these things.If I had my bible with me I could send you some verses and where to find them in your bible.
love in Christ

Prayer To Stop Smoking
The thng that worked for my husband,was too give it all to the Lord,tell God you can't do it on your own.That you need his help.And ask him to take the smoking problem.
My hubby did this and then threw out everything.And he neveer smoked scence

Forgiveness After Divorce
Lots of feedback from so many people. But I don't want to use this site to judge others, I would like to hear about how others have felt God's presence ... or lack thereof. There are so many experiences that others could benefit from ... are there times when God's face was more prevalent that others?

Forgiveness After Divorce
how do you get out of that denial phase? how do you get to the place when you know the marriage is over?

Forgiveness After Divorce
eloy - What will help you to forgive?

Why Are Some Pastors Lazy
I don't know about your pastor, but I know my pastor is on call 24/7. He makes hospital visits in the middle of the night, takes phone calls from upset congregants, picks up stranded people at the bus station, and then gets ready to preach on Sunday. My pastor is awesome. Have you looked at all the things your pastor does when people aren't around?

Praying For A Husband
Be so so glad you don't have one! They are truly more trouble than they are worth and God says you don't have them in the next life.

Husband Wants Dirty Talk
Your marriage bed is just that...YOUR marriage bed. If what he is asking you is soemthing you find repulsive then explain to him why you think so and try to understand his point of view. Healthy sexual relationships involve give and take. Exploring desires and feelings in a safe environment with your husband or wife is a healthy part of marriage and I would be flattered that your husband trusts you enough to tell you of his desires.

Are Adventist A Cult
People who have never taken the time to learn what we really are say all kinds of false things about us. The fact is that everyone of our beliefs are firmly grounded in the Bible and the Bible only. If you think that they are not, then you are making assumptions about our beliefs that are not true. We love Jesus. We love truth. And we love His word.

I Can't Locate My Man
Yes, Im One. I have asked this same question about you girls.The best thing to do is to give this to the lord. PRAY,PRAY, AND PRAY SOME MORE.
p.s.I LOVE JESUS : )

Can Christians Wear A Cross
I think it is okm to wear a cross. Cause to me it reminds me that he died on the cross for me. Now that it is empty it reminds me that he is risen again.

Inter-Racial Dating or Marriage
i feel as long as its OK with people i dont think it should be an issue at all

Not Posting a Photo Is A Cover-Up
Yes i wonder why people do it especially women.

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