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Who is Paula White?
I have heard Paula White preach and I believe that she is a child of God, mimistering the word, just as the Bible says. She is promoting Biblical teachings. So be it.

Young Women Marrying Older Men
What's the problem? The younger woman may just outlived the older man. So who needs to get a divorce? The divorce rate may be zero. More than likely, his death separated them.

My Pastor Is Having An Affair
Renee, I am sorry about what you are facing. It is best that no married person have a relationship with an ex. Satan will certainly bring temptation. Remind your husband of this. No one is beyond temptation. Tell him how you feel, how uncomfortable this makes you feel, maybe he will consider this, if he loves you. Itimacy goes beyond sexual contact. It really doesn't look too good before the congregation. Substain from all appearance of evil., the Bible says.

Is Tithing In The New Testament
Tithing was commanded to the Levities, singers, porters, stranger, fatherless, the widow. Numbers 18:21-23, Deut.12, 26:12-13. To meet the needs of the Levities. Nehemiah 10-35-39. 13:12. Matt.23:23; Lk, 11:42;, Heb.7:5-9 refer to the Old Testament current Jewish practice. Tithing was not money.It was goods, animals, grains, herds, fruit. Leviticus 27:30-32. The tithes were collected every 3 years. Animals atoned for their souls. Jesus has already redeemed us.

Who is TD Jakes?
I appreciate T.D. Jakes mimistry. He does everything he can to help people with the word and reality. He knows all about the generational curses, how to break these curses and the secrets that keep them going. His ministry is there to help people get set free from all kinds of bondages. This is life, this is the true ministry of the word of God. Jesus cane to set the capitive free from all infirmities, all bondages and that's why the word is being preached. I try not to miss any of his preaching.

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