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How Old Are The Bloggers Here
I am young enough to Rock 'n Roll!

Jesus Suffer Hell On Cross
As we read in Peter 2:24,God offered His only Son as "a Lamb for slaughter". Jesus took our burdens & chastisement that we would not face the wrath of Fiery Hell "ourselves".That great Love He shares reunites us with Him in Peace and Joy

New Cursor On ChristiaNet
I think it is a cute, sweet way for Christianet to bring Faith and God in our Heart. I think it is Wonderful, and I luv it!

Is The U.S. A Christian Nation
We read in Psalm 33:12 "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord".We do not have a single Faith, but a mixture. There are people of all denominations and beliefs,making us a 'blend'. That is why I feel that we are Special. We are not robots, but have hearts,thoughts and feelings. The purpose of the Bible is teaching what is Truth and prosperity, that Man would understand the right Path of Life.

Most Meaningful Bible Versus
I choose Isaiah 43:2! All people face trials and temptations.God grants a way out, and says "when you walk through fire you shall not be burned".

I know I was saved & spared from a literal
"fire" years ago.

Take Communion Often
I am not a Catholic,but Born-Again Believer.It is a question whether one sees it as an "Idolotry" in Heart. In Isaiah 29:23 read "they will keep my name Holy,they will acknowledge the holiness of the Holy One of Jacob,and will stand in awe of the God of Israel". In truth,I feel that if Christ is Risen,why keep behaving as if He dies Over and Over?.If We search our hearts,we will find the Love and Grace of God.Time we meet with God should not be "ritualistic"in nature.

Why Is Cussing A Sin
Are we forgetting that Christ was warm,gentle and loving to all Men? I feel that if people swear,cuss up & down, Whoops! It shows that a person has a lack of Character and was "raised in a Barn" not a Home. Read "We serve in the New way of the Spirit"(Rom.7:6).

Let's speak,and act,as though we were imitators of Christ.

Can God's Faith Fail
There is a great truth in II Timothy 2:13, that "If we are faithless,He will remain faithful". Though our friends,our own Family may turn against us, Our God is reliable.

Our Holy Father is always there to offer his wings of Comfort and support,

What Does Obey God Mean
Read in Romans 4:16 "the Promise comes by faith,so that it may be by Grace and may be guaranteed to all", Just reading the Word, doesn't amount to much. It is How the Passages and Truth of God apply to Everyday life.

Joel Osteen Opinions
I feel that many TV evangelists have their own ways of "leading the Flock". I do watch the Osteen Program, and like what I hear.

A Pastor must be "inspiring" and uplifting. However,there also must be a "Fire and Brimstone" message of God's judgement and Wisdom.

The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books (Rev.20:12).

Should We Celebrate Halloween
It is a Pagan Holiday.We read John 6:33 "The bread of God is He who comes down from Heaven and gives Life unto the World". We are not dead, but are Spiritually alive in Christ. We also read, He said to another man "Follow me" but the man replied "Lord let me first go bury my father".Jesus said to him,"let the dead bury their own dead" (Luke 9:59,60)

I Never Knew You
There is a great song on an Oak Ridge Boys album.
"Sorry, I never knew you.Depart from me, forever more,
Sorry, I never knew you,
Go and serve the one that you served before,"

We read the words of Jesus,who said 'Many are invited,but few are chosen" (Matt. 22:14). Only those with a pure heart,humble Spirit, are worthy to be called "disciples of Christ"

What Is Meaningless Repetition
I think in the Catholic faith, you find ritualistic behavior(kneel,sit,stand), that is done over and over repeatedly, A Christian knows how to please God in his heart.If you ask the Lord, He does answer our needs.
I think this phrase meant the way the rich in Jesus' time felt. They only cared to please Man, and were vain.If our hearts are perfect with God, He knows.

MTV Is Acceptable For Kids
Are we learning what is written in Acts of Apostles(8:21)? Morality and ethics in our Pop Culture,has declined because of free speech,freedom of Expression.If "Woodstock " was an "Expression of Love", what is today's Generation doing!! Holiness should be heeded, as we read, "You have no part in this Ministry because your Heart is not right with God"

What Is The Greatest Miracle
Well,I had recently experienced a true miracle in my own personal life,In July,'07 I suffered cramps and pains.The hospital docs were not sure what it was.They found out it was an infection of the Aorta valves that rushed to my Kidney and spleen.
After needles and tests, I was on antibiotics the longest time.

Well it seems that Jesus made a true believer in me, the heart valves seem perfectly clear. My father and mother are way on Cloud 9,so am I!

Your Personal Testimony
Well,in the 1970s,an incident strengthened me to affirm my Beliefs.I was at a barbecue with Family.We roasted marshmellows,when a neighbor returned with gasoline.He had squirted the can,I became engulfed in flames!My parents and grandmother were close by, and saw me.They started throwing me down,kicking dirt.I had no recollection of anything, but remember waking up in my Dad's arms.He tended to my needs,in the house.Here is a great passage When you walk through fire,You Shall Not Be Burned,Isaiah 43:2

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