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Turn The Other Cheek
The bottom line is that we have to choose insults, as the people of God. We may lose our dignity. And that wouldn't be a bad thing to lose, but we may gain a soul.

What Is Your Best Christian Song

Favorite Bible Verse
I can do all things through Christ, which gives me strength. Phil 4:13

What Is An Asherah Pole
In the Old Testament there are 40 references to "Asherah" in 9 books; Exod,Duet,Judges,1 and 2 Kings,Is,Jer, Mic,and 2 Chro. Asherah: some sort of a wooden object. Check out:
There is so much information it is impossible to write it all down here. God Bless

Scriptures Where Races Created
alica, how do you know that?

Is Smoking Wrong
My father used to say, " you won't go to hell for smoking but, you sure smell like you've been there." I had to laugh. I am a reformed smoker. I know it is a serious thing and nothing to laugh at. But, sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.

Why So Many Denominations
Xanthi, thank you for explaining what Wiccans are. I have never heard that term before.

How To Fit Bible In My Schedule
Hi Jenni, As a Christmas present. I received "The One Year Bible" the New International Version (NIV) which is arranged in 365 daily readings. On January (1) it started with Genesis, Matthew and a psalm and proverbs. It is so interesting I have a hard time putting it down. I do this before I turn on the computer each morning.
This is what got me motivated.
God Bless You

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