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Unmarried Couples Serve In Church
If the church the unmarried couple go to in not a Biblical oriented church but more like a country club, I would not find any objection to unmarried coupes serving in an capacity.

Rich Man Lazarus
All the parable of Jesus were based upon true events that people would identify with. As such, the story of the rich man in hell bears the truth that there is such a place as hell a place of torment. Sorry Adventists but disbelief in hell in not biblical.

Can I Remarry My Ex
You should not marry anyone that you have previously divorced. View the statistics which tell you that rarely will a re-marriage work. But a Biblical standpoint, Deuteronomy forbids re-marriages especially if the divorce person has remarried someone else. There a plenty of options and one can easily find a more suitable mate.

Lost Respect For A Pastor
The best policy to have towards pastors is to avoid them as much as possible. They also are human and have faults, many have gone into the ministry in an attempt to solve their own problems but to no avail.

I Need A Christian Friend

Are Hindus In Heaven
In answer to Are Hindus in heaven.
Salvation - according to the Word of God or the Bible is written in Acts 2:38 KJV. To heaven one must be born again by 1st REPENTING, 2nd BEING BABTIZED IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST FOR THE REMISSION OF SINS, and 3rd RECIEVING THE HOLY GHOST (With the evidence of speaking in other tongues as the spirit gives utterance.
Your statement as if God is in a book, well Jesus states that He is in this book. In St. John 1:1 He writes - In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word - was GOD! I pray you will be saved and I will one day see U there :)

Should Abortion Be A Choice
Many will lose thier eternal souls because of this great sin abortion. It was started by evil (did you know 2 witches brought the trial of roe vs wade?) This is sacrifice in our modern day to baal, infanticide. This is not a choice but murder in the 1st degree and those not only that do this but vote for someone to sign it into law will be judged for this horrible act. Don't ever do it, run from it, save yourself from this untoward generation.

Wearing Pants To Church
God says be modest! Dres as not to tempt, decent necklines, hemlines and arm length (to elbows is okay).
The doctrine of wearing pants is a man-made doctrine. In Jesus' day everyone wore robes, to the ground robes. The only difference was the type of material.
Pants were 1st seen in the harems in Arabia for women. Pants is plural = 2 pant (one for each leg).
It wasn't until much later that pants were worn by men. MEN said that women should wear only dresses & to the ground in that time. There should be a difference avoiding encouragement of men with men or women with women (this is an abomination to God)!
I believe that wearing pants today is okay if they are loose fitting and modest.

Tithes From The Gross Or Net
Tithes on 10 per cent of the gross of everything that comes in.

That is very little to give, when you consider you have the other 90 per cent.

Why Don't Christians Witness
I was a J.W. for 20 yrs, in a spiritual wilderness for 13 more, now a Spirit born Christian. Once in a bondage of fear and "have to witnessing", now I can't help myself from sharing the true gospel--by LIVING and SPEAKING the Word thru my life.
Not everyone has the gift of evangelism but we must be able to give a defense of the faith when necessary, Paul in Col. and Peter in 1 Peter,to sow seeds.
Q. Are the door knockers the mission field on our doorsteps?

My Husband Does Drugs
Pray for your husband and take good care of yourself! I have been in your shoes. Yes, it hurts to see your husband do drugs. Get counseling through your church and a womens center. When you left your husband, you actually are helping him. I will pray for you!:)....For strength, to move forward and to have a spiritual closeness with God. It's amazing how God has helped me and my daughter! AMAZING! Time heals! And of course my relationship with our HEAVENLY GOD! LET-GO, LET GOD. P.S. Keep busy!

Who Should Propose For Marriage
Friendship with the world is unequal yoking. Man is made head of the woman as Christ is of the church, so the man should propose, i mean a God fearing man.

Live With Aids Unwed Boyfriend
you don't say if you are HIV positive or if that's his baby.That would be the first order of the day, get tested. If you are committed to the man and love him you most surely should marry him. If you are HIV negative, the two of you would need to discuss how to deal with it. See your public health officials.

Looking For What Type Of Man
Why do you ask?

Do Men Want Romance
My late husband was HUGELY romantic. He loved scented oils, candles, dancing in the dark, making out in the car in secret places...
oh, and as far as men serenading women. some of you are sceptics. I grew up hearing my dad sing to my mom all the time. My daughter had a boyfriend who wrote songs for her and recorded them. Yes, it happens!

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