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Extreme To Believe In Bible

You wrote England was forcing the colonies to fund them without allowing them any local control of taxes of even their way of buying and selling.

What does that have to do with socialism? Taxation is as old as man. In Feudal Europe, lords would tax the peasants (sometimes to the point of starvation). Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor (e.g. Robin Hood) is socialism. The rich stealing from the poor and giving to themselves is "trickle down economics", which is NOT socialist at all, since the poor get nothing out of it.

Suffer Agonies Of Hell Forever
when a person dies, if they are not in a position to go to Heaven, they do NOT go directly to hell. there is another place they go that will allow them to decide to follow God's word and plan. if they do they will go to Heaven. If they dont and reject God/Jesus, then when Judgment Day comes, they will be cast into hell. I do NOT believe that those with mental illness go to hell for taking their life. Just my opinion and interpretation of things I have read and from talking to people.

Can A Priest Forgive My Sins
The bible states that there is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus (not a priest, pastor or elder)

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