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Hurt By A Church

Yes, I am a Catholic.

I've visited non-Catholic churches where I'm treated like a "hell mafia" member. That's not love. Religious Hatred if you ask me.

I offended people by eating chessburgers before street witnessing on a Good Friday. I was told to go and stand outside while others prayed. A very humbling experience.

I didn't take Holy Communion for a while because I had bitterness in my heart. Towards Jimmy Swaggart and John Hagee. The Bible teaches that we are to cleanse ourselves first and then take Holy Communion.

I only attend Catholic churches now. No, they are not perfect. But the RCC is my home. GOD gave me to my Catholic parents and I love honoring them.

Hurt By A Church

My family comes from a Catholic background. I admit that there is a BIG difference between a religious life and living for GOD. This applies to all churches. Catholic, Protestant, and others too.

However, many seemingly loving churches, and their members as well, are quick to point the finger and treat you like an outcast if you were not born and raised in their church. Unbiblical? You bet!

Jesus Christ and his 12 Disciples were not born and raised in the churches that have hurt me by treating me like that.

Preachers like Jimmy Swaggart and John Hagee bring out the worst in me. Yet, when I have asked churches to pray for me to overcome this bitterness, I get angry stares. Why? I am not sure.

Slain In The Spirit Biblical
Believe it or not -- I was injured during one of these "Slain In The Spirit" (SITS) events.

Several other people told me that if things were really from GOD, I would not have gotten injured. Well, I did get injured. What does that tell you?

Many people, including myself, never returned to that church. I wonder why not.

Financial Collapse In USA
John McCain's 100-year Iraq war plan sounds entirely possible, until you ask: How are we going to pay for it? What about the war in Afghanistan?

The current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have both laster longer than expected and gotten the USA into a uncontrolled debt spending trap. I'm not sure if either war has accomplished much of anything. All I know is that the USA owes China a lot of $$$ for these questionable wars.

Saddam Hussein is gone and Iraq is much worse. Osama Bin Laden is probably still alive and Afghanistan is worse too. The world isn't any safer than before 9/11/2001.

Financial Collapse In USA
America is headed towards a "financial collapse" because of the costs of providing Social Security and military operations.

When you add in the amount of money that will be needed to pay these promised benefits, the total Federal debt increases to at least $50 TRILLION. The IOUs for future Social Security benefits are nothing but "ink on paper". The actual dollar amount will come from either additional borrowing or cutting the Federal budget in some other area. But not the military budget.

The costs of providing Social Security, and military operations, will drive the country further into it's financial debt trap.

The USA cannot afford the Social Security, and military, systems as currently setup.

Why Do Women Want Money
In the USA, at least, people have been "spoiled" by: what they see on TV, advertisements, culture, selfishness, falling away from God, etc.

Both MEN and WOMEN have unrealistic standards for each other. Many of these standards are NOT from the Bible, but from their own thoughts. It has been said that many Americans have become their own "gods". Notice the little "g" letter.

God, the Father, didn't make every woman with a Barbie-like figure. Likewise, God didn't make every man with a wealthy portfolio. It isn't surprising that the USA has the world's highest divorce rate. Even among Christians. Last year, there were reportedly 2.2 million marriages and 1.3 million divorces. Ouch!!!

Hitler, Mussolini Hirohito
I was reading through this blog and noticed my error. World War II cost an estimated half-billion dollars or $500 MILLION. Proof positive that I am not perfect.

Pastor Didn't Help Out
A "complaining" spirit isn't from GOD. Exodus 15:22-25. Saying NO to a request isn't "complaining". That is what Jesus said to tell others. Matthew 5:37

I unexpectedly got myself into a rut by saying YES to every request from my Pastor for help. Eventually, I got "burned out" and had to say NO to more volunteer work. That is what got the Pastor upset. I've met many other people who have been through this "help out until you burnout" cycle.

Pastor Didn't Help Out

Paul was an excellent example of labor. He did work for the Lord and work as a tentmaker. Many jobs were difficult and dangerous. Paul was shipwrecked and imprisoned. Yet, he never grew tired of working for the Lord. I believe that this was because Paul's life was "balanced" between work and the Lord.

Today, there isn't much of this "balance". People do too much, or too little, work. Some Pastors have to work hard at getting enough people to help out.

Christians Check Zodiac Signs
I was introduced to Astrology in the 4th grade. I learned that my Zodiac Sign, or Horoscope, is: Aries. So? The daily newspaper guides were about as accurate, and inaccurate, as the weather forecasts.

After I became a Christian, I learned that all the garbage is WITCHCRAFT. Stay away from it. Even if you think it is only clean, honest fun. It is not. It is yet another trap that Satan has put out to snare people with.

Suffered From Depression
I suffer from depression whenever I "read" in the news, "hear" on the radio, or "see" on the TV set, another story about: the Iraq war, George W. Bush and company, the exploding Federal deficit, funding problems in America because of the need to fund the U.S. Military, etc.

I always wonder how much longer all this governmental wheelin'-and-dealin' can continue.

My solution to my being depressed is: get away from the news source and read the Bible.

Pastor Didn't Help Out

I didn't inspect the church building or notice any change in it's appearance. I'm assuming that the painting never got done.

This was a project that I don't think anyone wanted to do. Not many people are willing to climb 2 to 3 stories on a ladder in the wind. Anyway, this is all history now because I now longer go to that church.

I learned a lot of things from helping out at churches. Some good and some bad. GOD has used these experiences to make me a stronger Christian.

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