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Dreams Of The AntiChrist
Hi Alan you said "particularly ... it is what every conqueror has done throughiut history"
...and my point exactly, as can you see Satan's trend as he practice this system on previous empires and he will do again in the upcoming New World Order lead by a socialist Antichrist. Please understand this type of political agenda reaches the masses where 99% of the world has nothing or little. Therefore for the last ruler who seeks to be God of all would have to be generous and to appease the masses and not the few rich.

For better understanding of the E.U kingdom lead by the A-C that will one day rule Israel, google David Jeremiah who is a very prominent and well respected minister. His teachings are excellent!

Dreams Of The AntiChrist
Correction on
-has socialist/communist views? Dan 11:24 will scatter the riches
KLV Dan 11:24...he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches: yea, and he shall forecast his devices against the strong holds
This is a strong reference of the Antichrist political/social views. The NIV version says he will distribute the wealth among followers...does this not sound like a socialistic agenda? IE: What our Pres is doing?

Revived Roman Empire (RRE) is the 7th kingdom bec Daniel never mentioned the 2 prior kingdoms. Here are all the kingdoms in order of their reign over Israel: Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece & Rome. Read Dan 7:19 carefully...the 7th kingdom comes out of Rome, is why it's called the RRE.

Lack Of Integrity In Christians
Reading this post hit a nerve...It is deplorable of what we see today of so-called born again Christians. Yes I had this certain individual claimed this of himself and walked away with thousands of my money with any remorse or contrition on a business venture. Was I the fool for trusting in him and not God.

As a born again Saint myself, I had to make amends with a fellow Saint whom had his car stolen from a person I recommended him too to repair his car. Make a long story short, I ask God for wisdom to replace his vehicle and the Lord bless me quickly monetarily to acquire another vehicle for him.

I boast not of myself but of the sweet Holy Spirit which enabled me...that's integrity and the true nature of God!

Dreams Of The AntiChrist
Scriptures identify the Antichrist:
-is he single? Dan 11:37, Isa 14:14 to emulate the Messiah he won't marry
-lineage from Spain? Dan 7:8 Spain was 11th nation the little horn that rised out of E.U aka Revived Roman Empire
-under age 40? Psalm 55:20-23
-attractive? Dan 7:20 Ezek 28:12 & 17, Jesus was rejected bec of His looks, Isa 53:2
-has socialist/communist views? Dan 24:24 will scatter the riches
-serve a foreign god but acting like a christian? Dan 11:38-39 1John 2:18-19
-unique jewish name sounds like God's name Elyon? John 5:43 & Rev 13:1 & 6
-has military background? Rev 13:4 & Dan 7:24 who can make war with him?
-from a humble background? Dan 11:23 will become strong with a small people

Dreams Of The AntiChrist
Thanks Lady V for the lucid comment...but seriously seeing we are down to the wire of time before Christ returns, I'm noticing many are having prophetic dreams that coincides with the word of God concerning the man of sin aka Antichrist and wanted to hear from some. He's the final despot Satan will use after the rapture. .
Yes many scriptures gives us details of him that's why when we have these dreams it must match with the word of God. Such as
is he single?
lineage from Spain?
under age 40?
has socialist/communist views?
serve a foreign god but acting like a christian?
unique jewish name?
has military background?
from a humble background?...
I can give scriptures for all these if you like.

Having End Time Dreams
Layla "Anyone else getting this? Always having this scary tsunami nightmares."

I too had a Tsunami dream....I dreamt the Lord had me preaching salvation to everyone in my path and then all of sudden darkness came and we were swallowed up in a lake of water. Many drowned because of fear but I was raptured out of the water bec I called on Him to receive my spirit and He did!

Also might add that I had dreams about the Antichrist to come. He's secretly being trained as the "mystery of iniquity" 2Thes 2:5. What's startling about all this is that satan introduced him to the world 10 yrs ago but many missed it. He's now 16 and
becoming strong with a small people, Dan his resurgence next few year.

I Don't Understand Revelation
Hopefully this will help. The Lord told John to in Rev 1:19 "write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter"

-the things thou has seen: is Chpt 1, is the vision Jesus visiting him on earth to write Revelations
-the things which are: are Chpt 2 & 3, is to the churches of the grace dispensation age (that's us now)
-the things which shall be hereafter: are Chpts 4-22, is to whom ever is left behind.
Read Rev 4:1 where he calls John to come up to heaven where He must show him things that will happen thereafter.

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