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Salvation For Everyone
Matthew 22.14 x

Hope this helps, sister sarah x

Demon Talking To My Husband
this is a hard one coz christains can b oppressed but not possesed,once u have been deliverd keep your guard and keep thankin jesus.but im at a loss myself me an my hubby r seperated,we were working things out thought god was doing miricales then he went weird agian but this time the txts were satanic not from a christain (which he claims to be).so its either his true colours or a demon.ive left him with god it hurts like hell,i done everything i could he has a pattern of doing this but now its worse,so its a bit easier to accept if your husbands not a christain coz u can still pray an its not such a shock to u wen the negative happens but wen ya husband is surpose to b a christain an does what mines doing how can you understand that,sorry

Supernatural God Experience
An almost silent voice claiming to be Jesus spoke to me the night I was cramming for a final. I said, "Prove it", and then He told me a 2 hour long poem about scripture, and then said, "Because you have never asked for a miracle, I will show you one. It will snow tomorrow in your hometown, on Dec. 7. On December because that is the month in which they celebrate my birth, and on the 7th, because that is my favorite number. Because the snow only falls in your hometown once every 10 to 20 years, to predict the exact day it will fall would be nothing short of a miracle. If it does, then you will know I am God." My dad, excited, texted me that day to tell me it was snowing in my hometown.

What Is Church Of God
I have been a member of the Church of God for 42 years. believe me from the first time I entered the doors of the church I knew it was Pentecostal and I was not raised in any church.The power of God let me know what I had found. Open your eyes and your heart He will reveal Himself to you

What Age To Start Dating
I'm a sixteen year old, and I'm rather mature for my age (I think anyway). I think that dating is fine for teenagers, as long as it's not dating for the sake of dating someone. Those relationships are dangerous, physically and emotionally. I think as long as you keep God in the relationship, and be dating for the sake of finding a husband/wife... that it's fine. But that's just my thinking.

What Does Shondo Mean
This blog was interesting... My Pastor used this a few weeks ago and I had been meaning to look it up, as I had never heard it before. I will be forwarding this blog to him with hopes that he can provide some additional clarity to it... He also say it meant to turn around..

Is Anger A Sin
Anger is not a sin, because even God gets angry and God is perfect.In the bible, Jesus got angry when he saw all the people selling and buying in the temple.

Dad Got Me Pregnant
"the truth will set you free"John 8:32

Yes, you should tell you daughter who her daddy is.

Properity Gospel Biblical
Well, i believe that the world is been misled by the prosperity gospel. People are no longer looking unto Jesus, but the things He has to offer. Yet, He said seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things will be added unto you. God is a jealous God and if you walk with Him on a second to second basis then He will provide for you. Remember if u focus on the things of this world e.g a house (creation) that becomes an idol, but if you focus on Him then he provides your desires. Thats why you hear people say when they gave up thinking/praying about e.g a house(creation) they got it.

Do You Go To Church Of Christ
church of christ folks deny total depravity before we are "saved'
How do they get around the Word where it tells us we are "adam's children"
The Bible says "in the flesh dwelleth no good thing"
We must be "saved" to have the "divine nature" Only the "divine nature" can please God

I Have Lost Everything
no, you cannot lose the gift of salvation
It is God's gift to you

Ask Him to help you to know that you are "saved" by His precious blood and He will never leave you

Can You Be Saved At Age 5
yes, the Lord wants children to come to be "saved'
That is exactly when we should come as a little child
my children knelt at 3 and 4 and accepted the Lord

Jesus Born On December 25th
jesus was born when the animals were grazing. animals don't graze in the winter. and we are having the same weather tel aviv is having. nicodemis birthday is dec 25th. this holiday has nothing to do with jesus and never did. if GOD wanted us to know JESUS's birthday it would be in the bible. this is just esau's way of having his end of year sales.

My Husband Is Narcissistic
I've been married to a narcissistic, emotionally unstable man for the past 2 years. It has been a horrific experience, dealing with his nasty behavior and unpredictable mood swings. He has no understanding of how his behavior affects me. He is not the man I fell in love with. I am still here because I want to do the "right" thing by staying in my marriage and because I am afraid of losing him. I may go crazy and lose my life. Ive already lost many friendships and people at work think I am wierd b/c I am often depressed. I didnt know marriage could suck the life out of someone.

Autistic or Asperger Christians
Hi Kathy, My whole family has AS - two sons, a daughter and a husband. Let's not forget yours truly.

In-Laws Trying To Destroy Marriage
my advice is to nip it in the bud now. stand ur ground or they will destroy it ... have proof of lies & chaos they cause or u will become like me no self-esteem miserable and alone my husband still wont back me up & we r now talking divorce. my point is it wont change only u will.honer they mother and father..good luck

Gemstones Falling Into Church
My God shall supply ALL your needs according to
his riches in Glory. (phil) I wonder if we get to heaven and find out the word was true there were definately riches in His Glory. Maybe the word is true? Hmm.... How sad if that will be the case. We will be sorry we doubted the Word.

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