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When Is God's Word True
once we are just forgetful. Like the Law of gravity you can deny it but it still holds true. Unlike gravity the consequencies of breaking God's laws are not always apparent or immediate but they are there.

Deceptive Tactics Of Cults
1)They promise everlasting life if their principles are adhered to.
2) The promise to be relieved of everlasting torture in a future life, for "sins" committed in your real life.
3) They allow you to feel superior to others who are not in the group.
4) They use symbols and icons, such as a cross or a star, to create unanimity and identity.
---atheist on 5/21/12
I agree 100% that is why my savior died for me. And yes I have fallen into the trap of the list above but God is getting me out into a relationship with Jesus not the image of Jesus

Can Earthquakes Be Intense
what about "if my children return to me i will heal there land" many times in OT. physical evidence of sodom shows evidence of earthquake. god is not a smiter who just does natural disasters or disease but uses them for his glory and our correction.

Tithe With No Job
---more_excellent_way on 10/5/11

yes it is true God wants a cheerfull giver. But the opposite is NOT true. IF not cheerfull do not give. That is false statement.

Where Is Hell
There are two symbolic locations of hell in Israel. Caesarea Philippi is known as the gate to Hell. There is a naturally occuring whirlpool as the water comes out of the mountain. You would throw your sacrifice into the whirlpool. If it was taken down the gods accepted your sacrifice. During ancient times this was a child sacrifice spot. The other symbolic spot was the trash pile outside of Jerusalem that Jesus described.

Tithe With No Job
10% of $0 is you guessed it $0 but if you have a unemployment check try tithing out of that. But since you have all of this time go volunteer at church. I did not work for a year and this helped keep my sanity. There is probably enough to keep you busy with cleaning or just running errands for somebody. Good luck on job search.

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