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Teachings Just For The Jew
jody, i completely disagree. keep your religion to yourself, nobody likes a preachy christian. Im agnostic and i wouldn't even think of being so rude as to preach to people that unless they believe in MY god then they will suffer in hell. the god you believe in sounds no different than the qualities of Satan. god seems to demand complete and utter allegiance and when he doesn't get it he makes you suffer. god seems to be very morbid and sadistic, not to mention power hungry. there are so many flaws with god that its insane.

Teachings Just For The Jew
who created god? before christ was born where did people go when they died? was god just sitting around for billions of years before he decided to create? why does god magically cure diseases we cant see but has never cured an amputee? what motivated god to create? how could god be motivated if there was nothing before him to motivate him? why is god so pathetic as to create a race of people for the sole purpose of serving him?

Women Teaching In Church
Paul writes in 1st Cor 9:18-22 his stance on how he deals with who he talks with! did you ever stop to think that some of these messages that are written are written for the sole intent on the above passages! if we are walking in the spirit how do we see sexuality which is of the flesh read my last post to see what im talking about! if your still seeing differences in the flesh as a less than not equal to then are you not filled with pride! if we are children of God and there is no sexuality in heaven being born again we have already entered into that life soo......... heres a thought if children dont know the difference in sexuality and we must be as children to enter into heaven Mat 18:3 then why are we setting rules that children dont set!!

Women Teaching In Church
I cant understand how someone can call themselves christians and find themselves checking out at the differences of the flesh! Sexuality is of the flesh not walking in the spirit!!!(Gal 3:28 we are all one in Christ by faith if we walk in the Spirit . if we see according to the flesh then yes we see [eyes] women as (sexual) [flesh] less than [pride] man (1st Jo 2:16) if Jesus says that when we go to heaven we are neither married nor given into marriage then how can anyone here who claims to be a christian find themselves dwelling on things of the flesh we are called for a higher calling to bring those who are lost hope through Christ. If we cant get past the flesh then are we doing his will???

When Did God Create The Earth
your blog is very nice......its so nice.....i agree of your blog because you choose the biblical one than the other one

Was Jesus Illegitmate
yes and no the son of god was born in to this world thur a real woman thou he was not made by a man but by gods wholy sprit. this is how i seen the man of god to be brout to his oun world. in oder to see how the world will theat one made from his oun the event you don't get it ask god your self .. treat outher as you want to be treated

Is A Sinners Prayer Sufficient
Noflaw, all have been choosen to receive the inheritance, hence missionaries. They are spreading the Word to the world, not to just certain individuals. "God sent His son that "whosoever" believes", it does'nt say that "so if the ones I have chosen believe" it says who ever.

The False Doctrines Blog
Amen tom2, I know what I believe and possibly have my own doctrine. God gives me a form of understanding, which is a doctrine in itself. I think we should worry more about what we believe and is God personally giving me my own doctrine.Church doctrine isn't going to save me but what God gives me will.

Can I Pierce My Nose
The problem is, how is she gonna look credible for what she speaks of God to others. I find these passages quite relevant, Galatians 4:13,14, Paul says, " Ye know how through infirmity of the flesh (this could be the piercing) I preached the gospel unto you at first and my temptation was in my flesh( could be the piercing) ye departed me not, nor rejected me but received me as an angel of God" This is all hypothetically speaking of course on my part. I believe if people are over looking the piercing and accepting it then don't worry with it. I wouldn't wear one beacause 1 Thessalonians says to "abstain from all appearance of evil" Most people think piercings other than in the ear lobes are tacky or an unjust lifestyle.

Works Needed For Salvation
Do my works since receiving the grace of God show that I truly believe in Him? This believe is, I believe that He is gonna do what He has promised is gonna do. I must show faith in this. Studying His word is the showing the faith. "Lord I do have faith in You and I know your Way is the Way, I know there are promises and I study your Word so that I know what I must do to get them." The Bible say to study to show yourself approved. This is a work in itself and if you read the Bible in this sense it is a sign you do have faith

New Testament Church
Personally I believe one has to maintain their salvation. One day if I stop following Jesus and stop producing good fruit, I believe I have eliminated my salvation, but if then I choose to follow again and show fruits worthy of repentance again then I can once again have the sacrifice back. My question, is being refered to as a tree limited to just those whom are born again or are we born trees or are we trees upon the age of acknowledgement? I believe there is an age of acknowledgement. My age of acknowledgement was around 14 years of age. Before then I didn't truly understand sin thus I didn't know that what I was doing wrong was against God. Then the age of acknowledgement is when you heard the truth about your sin being against God.

New Testament Church
I would have to say that trees are those whom have heard the truth and either have accepted it or denied it. If you say someone is born a tree, then when I was born this tree I wasn't producing any of the fruits of God considering I was born asinner. so then to say I will be cut down without given a chance to produce these good fruits is wrong. So when does God say I am not producing good fruit. So now that we know trees are those whom have heard the truth and accepted, and will be cut down if no good fruit remain being produced, that would be not once saved always saved. John was telling the Pharisees to repent, so they must have known what to repent for. Trees are those who know.

The False Doctrines Blog
Let me ask one maybe two questions. the Bible says to have works right? what if I don't? It is the works that keep our salvation. We prove our faith through works. If you aren't showing works then you aren't showing faith. To me works could even be studying, taking notes and meditating. Works are the proof to God that you do believe and by that He knows you have faith and by that faith ye have grace. Why do people always think of works as a way to pay for something? Think of every way to use words and every way they can be used.

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