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How Were You Saved
i was on a tour and went to service and the preacher words touched my heart and at the end of the service i just gave my life to christ.

Are Divorced Christians Failures
Failure in their sight is not equal to failure in God's sight. If Jesus allowed divorce in case of adultery, who are they to condemn you? Weigh what matters? Others opinion or God's? Take what is best for you.

Are Divorced Christians Failures
I guess, this depends on what you want. You want divorce for biblically acceptable reasons. Your parents and friends do not live your life. If adultery is an acceptable life style for them, they may live with adulterous spouse. Would they think you are a failure if you contract HIV/AIDS b/s of your spouse's unfaithfulness. I believe what should matter is to do what is best for you, your spouse and the kids.

I Don't Believe In Divorce
Divorce is a reality of life. Whether we believe in it or not, it exists because of human selfishness and sinful practices. God hates it and we hate it too for it disrupts our life, and that of the children. However, in times like this, we need to think which one is lesser evil: Divorce or endangering our daily life? Jesus allowed divorce in case of adultery. The unfaithful partner already practically divorced the spouse by action. The legal paper work follows if desired.

Giving Makes Me Feel Guilty
You have stated clearly, "I give so that those in need might see the love of Christ thru me." In Mt 25, Jesus stated that giving to the needy is equal to giving to Him. I do believe that Jesus is happy about your gift because it meets the needs of others and this shows Christ's goodness. I would say, "Rejoice!" Your guilt is undeserved.

Giving Makes Me Feel Guilty
Where does the guilt come from? Are you giving to make yourself feel good, or increase your self-worth? Or is your feeling good related to pride "I'm such a good person!" If not, we need to rejoice in good and feel bad about wrong things. I see no reason for feeling guilty about good deeds unless pride creeps in.

Tell Spouse About Two Affairs
What brings greater evil here, telling your spouse or not telling? You know your spouse to predict the results. What are you doing now to stop the "affairs?" I guess using the priciple of what Jesus told the adulterous woman helps here, confess your sin to Jesus and ... Don't do it again.

Promises From God On Remarriage
I believe it is human responsibility to look for a spouse. Take a step of faith and allow God to lead.

I Am Running Out Of Hope
From my experience too, the more I tolerated evil, the greater the damage. I thought prayer and tolerance would change things. However, I also learned that people are given free will and abusers may insist on having their evil way. God does not twist their arms and mind to follow His commands. May the Lord help you to make wise decision before greater evil happens!

Should We Keep Unsaved Friends
Christians' responsibility is not to convert people but to witness Christ and model Christ likeness. We are told to live in the world by being salt and light. Hence, though the depth of our friendship differs, I don't believe that we need to cut off all our relationships unless we are unequally yoked.

God Tells Women Her Husband
I believe that believers are given freedom to choose their spouses if they are in the Lord. That is the only restriction. Based on love, what we want, similarities of life goals, values, personalities, and other preferences, we are free to choose our partners. God does not tell one and hide it from the other. We choose our mate and live with them.

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