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Can You Claim To Be A Christian
I recently decided not to marry because I didn't see the fruits of the HS in my mate. He wears the clothes of a christian, he reads the bible, talks the talk, know's the right things to say, but actions will reveal the heart every time. When you Love Christ, you have a desire to be like him, and old desires, habits, life, falls away.

Should Only Men Work Not Women
The wife should work if she wants to. Her ministry is to her family. If working is affecting that ministry, then I would not work. Thank God you don't have one of those husbands that feels it's okay for only you to work. If a husband is truly walking with God and seeking God's will in his marriage, and the wife is doing the same, submission is not an issue.

Why Can't A Man Find A Wife
I could ask the same question for women in their thirties, who have never been married, some are still virgins, and they are successful women. But I don't, because I know them, I'm one of them, and I'm waiting for the man that God has for me. Everytime I imposed my will, my agenda, it ended badly. I'll get married and have children to a man of God, when God determines it's the right time.

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