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Fight To Stop Abortion
abortion has been heavy on my heart for some time now. It doesnt matter what blog or site you go to the fight is always the same. Pro-choice (its my body) Pro-life (stop the murder). The arguements never end one side says abortion is the solution to the problem the other says it is the problem! I am and always will be Pro-life! What I can't fathom or even begin to understand is HOW we have come to accept abortion. I have talked to and counceled women who have had abortions because it wasn't the right time money was tight the father didnt want it the world was to dangerous the list goes on and on.

Son Just Committed Suicide
Hello, I am so sorry for your loss, I would like to offer you this scripture. and the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it. Ecc 12:7 NIV Your son is with God and he is not a disembodied spirit. Only God can judge your son's heart and His mercy is upon all who love Him. I know this is hard to endure but living your life as a monument to your son in order that you are reunited with him in heaven is something to hold on to... to strive for. God bless you and I'm here if you need to talk.

They Make Fun Of My Weight
Yea its hard im 12 and i way 220 pounds and i get made fun of all the time. its not fun. you just have to ignore them and move on heres a little story

okay so i was at school (6th grade) and i was in 8th period. and there is this kid who sits behind me named "ben" and he always makes fun of me one day he said i was fat and ugly to the girl next to himand they started laughing. So i turned around and said " you know what ben making fun of somone is just gonna get ur ASS kicked" and yes i did say ass infront of everyone and the teacher didnt do ANYTHING about it. cause she knew i was right. Being over weight isant healthy yes but its nothing to be ashamed of you are who youare and dont let people tell you differnt.

Freemasonary And Christianity
Ok i just read this and i was kinda disgusted by a few of these masons are not satanic i know being one myself.As far as the secracy you wanna know join.Second as far as driving between husband and wife no we offer eastern star for both to join.I wear my ring with pride and would guard my brothers with my life. And as we say to all our brothers God Bless!!

Where Is My Future Husband
God is so good i was just siting here thinking i should just give up looking. and i came on here and i read what you guys said, and i feel so much better.this is a nice net.

Addicted To Pain Pills
Have you both prayed together about this? How's his prayer life?
I just want to commend you on your strength and your ability and willingness to help him in the ways you can.
Don't give up on him or God. God will see you all through this.
Your husband has to see that there is a problem because with any addiction, the heart and mind have been convinced that God isn't enough. That's a hard pill to swallow but satan cleverly disquises the body's need for medication that it is soul food also. Continue to pray, and if you'd like, I'd like to pray for you also.
hugs, srnityblu

Dr. Kavorkian Gets Out Of Jail
Hi, I'm really suprised reading this blog that we've forgotten as a culture that we already play God by keeping people alive with machines, medicines, tubes, pumps, etc. We step in daily with millions of people and assert our technology on God's matters and intercept death... .extend life. I've lost most of my family and I have to tell you, "medicine" has prolonged many of my families lives and not always for the best. Morphine relaxes the diaphram and aids breathing to slow and eventually stop - havent we already crossed the line. We are a freak culture keeping people alive on machines and slowing the act of death rather than humanely helping people tranisiton to the next life. I think we are more humane to animals.

Was Jesus A Wine Bibber
wine could be just grape juice..their is non-toxic(NON-fermented) wine..freshest..don't think CHRIST drank fermented wine..he said no strong drink..people are alway rationalizing things so they can feel better about sinning..REPENT!!!

Christian With Unconfessed Sin
God said he would keep us in prefect peace whos mind is on him. Meaning as long as we are in the attitude of prayer, thanksgiving and forgiveness we remind in perfect peace. God said he does not like lurkwarm you will either be hot or cold, saint or sinner. everytime sin committed we should be seeking forgiveness and repentance whether every minute, hour or day. This is also why God esteemed David because he knew God would not favor him with sin in his life and immediately repented of any wrong doing

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