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Women To Be Silent In Church
The original text said 'silence' which means to be modest, & decorous. NOT no speaking. When Paul was travelling all over, who did he usually go to first? The good women of the town. If we women had been 'silent' all these years, there probably wouldn't BE a church!

Saved And Sentenced To Hell
If you stand before God on Judgment Day, then you are bound for hell. Christians will NOT stand before Him on that day. We will appear before the Judgment seat of Christ to be rewarded for our service to Him in this life. Any one who is truly a born again child of God, will not be sentenced to hell. And, none of us will ever be perfect. We are 'perfected' by the Blood of Christ. As long as we are covered by His blood, when God looks at us, that's what He sees, the Blood of His Son, covering us.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit
That IS the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The evidence is the speaking in other tongues, as the Spirit wills, not what some man tells you to say. We are all indwelt with the Holy Ghost, but not all have the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. At least, that's what MY Bible says!

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