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My Boyfriend Is Always Too Busy
From my experience he is not "into you" and probably is trying to avoid you. I woke up to that fact with a recent boyfriend because he had plans or he was tired or for some other "non-reason" a date would not happen. I finally stopped the train and said, "Are we dating or are we just casual friends and whenever it's convenient we meet up?" --he liked my friendship but that was it but now that's not even happening. Stop the train and ask some questions.

This Guy Has Mild Interest In Me
He's probably not that "into you" emotionally or any other way. I've found that if a guy is really "into you" like, really likes you and enjoys being in your company and calling you and doing things, he reveal how he feels and communicates freely. Maybe he just things you're casual friends but you have understood it to be more of a dating relationship. Pull over and check the map and ask questions.

Keep Exgirlfriend And Engaged Girl
No, you should not. There are too many temptations because you must still have feelings for her if you're still wanting to keep in touch with her. That would say to me, if I were the girl you're engaged to, that you were not totally devoted to me. I think you need to look inside yourself and see who you really love.

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