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How To Make Friends
I do not agree 100% with Christy. There are people, including relatives who, even though you are kind to them, help them, love them, pray for and with them will turn their back on you after you have helped them. The only time some people come around is when they want or need something. They get their needs met, they disappear and do not come back until THEY need or want something again. They really do not care about you at all, they care only about what you can give or do for them.

Life Without Friends
No It is not!! You are right in your observation, though. 95% of people who say they care, really do not or not enough to help you or be there for you when you need them. It hurts, esp. if they are Christians. A true friend to me, is one you can call in the middle of the night if you need someone to talk to you. They will talk and pray with you and never yell at you for calling. If they are close to you in distance, they will come over to give you a hug or take you out to an all night restaurant for coffee. They might even come get you and take you to their home. THAT is a true friend. Not too many people measure up to this. All Christians should. Life is hard enough but impossible without friends, esp. the older one gets.

I See Spirits All The Time
ok thanks sometimes I don't know if my hallucinations are ghoasts or just people made up in my mind Iam on meds either way and I go to church regularly Iam very close to my pastor me and her have a great relationship we are best friends and I talk to God and pray a lot am I doing ok

Churches Run Like Businesses
ok my church not wealthy but is not poor we are getting by and we have a good congregation so I love my church and Iam close to my pastor she's a wonderful lady well that's it oh merry Christmas

I See Spirits All The Time
ok now I have mental illness and I see things all the time I asked a pycoligest once if I was excperiancing halluinations or seeing a ghoast and he could not tell me any way what was going on so weather or not it's demons or not I don't know and I use to be pagan Iam not any more Iam a Christian but I have exsperiance

Halloween And Jack O Lantern
Gos said not to call evil good stick to the scriptures and you cant go wrong there is no way you can get anything good out of halloween seems to me people will try to twist a scripture out of context just so they can justify what is wrong so they can keep doing it

Oil Spill In The Gulf The End
here is a truth I made up I believe it is all truth. If humans are greedy with nature in any form from the smallest most inocent of nature, and the most. inocent human greed nature will rebel to the degree of greed cause and effect. humans wake up. second chronicles in old testiment if my people shall humble them selfs and pray and seek my face and turn from there wicked ways than i will heal there land.

Jesus Returns For Us
this simply mean when we die in Christ, we die with the assurance that we are saved from hell. when he returns we will rise again. this is why Jesus says I go away to prepare a place for you so that where I am ye may be also.(meaning when he establishes his kingdom on earth we will be in his kingdom.

Does God Really Exist
never wait on god rather seek him and the kingdom of righteousness first, then he becomes tangable to you everybody has a spirt that god has placed inside of you that spirtor soul knows who created it and that is god himself.this is why your soul is waiting on god but your spirt has to must be born again, have faith.people have faith in everything but god,people have faith in things they can touch see and feel and smell.the flowers bloom and fade away but the word of god last forever. have faith

Prayer For Jehovah Witness
My brother a JW for over 30 years, his wife, longer, she left him, he committed suicide today. I cannot help but wonder about this "relegion" that left him so without hope. No one was there for him. I will miss him, I loved him so very much.

AntiChrist Will Save Israel
Christians won't be there... we will be in heaven
and.. the antichrist will break his promise with Israel (about giving peace with them) in half of the seven years

Disabled People Treated Badly
I have been disabled all my life. Born at 26 weeks gestattion,I have cerebral palsy in the lower half of my body. An accident in my 20's increased my disabilty so I must now use a wheelchair when going out in public. I have a college degree & a wonderful daughter,but I find most people,especially those at church treat me like I have no brain or feelings. It is so difficult to understand why people react like that,so I usually sit in the back of the church & stay out of people's way. I pray most for my disabled brothers & sisters because I know what they are going through.

Benny Hinn And RT Kendall
RT Kendall is not a nice man. He has been a source of untold grief to many sincere believers because of his life and his teaching. Look to the dwindled numbers at Westminster chapel during his preaching time there if you don't believe . Beware of this man. Search the internet, you will find others who know he is a phoney. Brother Kendall- the Lord sees your manipulation. Come out and apologize to those you have hurt tremendously over the years and maybe God will receive you.

Do You Go To Church Of Christ
To the one who said the Church of Christ beleived in orginal sin. It is the Catholic Church that beleives in orginal sin, and not the Church of Christ. I know, I was once a Catholic and now Church of Christ. We also have individual cups.

Why Do We Need To Pray
plz remember we have a very intimate father god he loves for us to commune with him as individualseacg conversation heart to heart with him is intimate thats why we are hear start listening 'even if it seems like a long time our father is always on time' hab2:4 so wait talk to him realy he will answer you

I Hate My Husband
It seems you are interested in "lot of money" plus all life. where there is more money there is more sorrow. I dont know about your husband but work now a days has become difficult. We as working women know the strain we go through and men are required to keep more effort than women. So when we opt for more money more work then there will be more sorrow.

Having Affair With My Pastor
I think you would be wise to leave this church and find yourself another church to be in, and also to start praying for yourself and your pastor, preferrably in tongues. I also believe you should be bringing the issue to other elders as soon as you have let go of him (if not sooner), so they are aware of what is happening in the church and do something about it.

My Boyfriend Died
My daughter's boyfriend, (both 17) was killed in a car accident almost a week ago. They were together for a year and a half and have both lived with me for the past 2 months. I have no idea how she is going to get over this, as I have never been thru this myself. She is an utter mess, going between anger and not being able to breath caused by the sobbing. I just want to find that elusive lolly-pop to make it all better.. It would be appreciated if anyone could give us some insight, hope or suggestions...

My Husband Does Drugs
i have the same problem. it is awful. i have three children. my husband and i have a business together. and he is an addict. i am christian and do not feel that divorce is the answer. my husband says he has quit but so far he has not been able to even make one day. it is sooooooo hard to be supportive.

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