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No Happiness Without A Man
I've been in and out of relationships for most of my life, and I called off my previous 8 year relationship two years ago. Since then I've really struggled to remain single and the loneliness is at times excruciating. I'm working on my relationship with myself, enjoying life as much as I can. Trusting God at this time is a real struggle but I am getting there. Be encouraged, you are not alone....I am beginning to see that I actually can be happy without a man in my life...and it's all because of Jesus.

How Do I Stop An Addiction
Richard, I know how terrible it is to suffer with an addiction and still be a Christian. Just remember God loves you - NO MATTER WHAT - He will never stop loving you. I am learning to trust God and to overcome my addiction in HIS strength and not my own. Having said that, He still requires us to do our part. I have joined a 12-step group and am accountable to several people in my life for my recovery. The Lord wants me to believe that His strength really is enough in my weakness. God bless.

Do I Give The Ring Back
After 8 years, I called off my engagement to my then, Christian boyfriend. I had no problems returning the engagement ring. I did have problems with a ring he gave me very early on in the relationship. My point is that a ring is a strong symbol of a soul tie with a person. Why do you want to keep it...I know I couldn't wear that ring and not think of the person who gave it to me. To release him from my life I HAD to give back the ring.

Salvation Army Communion
I go to the Salvation Army and I believe the reason we don't have baptism is because the founder, William Booth was afraid that it would become a "works" thing for people. However, baptism is not opposed in the SA and is recognised by most as a command by Jesus. I have been baptised by my church pastor in the SA. We don't take communion on a regular basis, like the Catholic church does for example, but we certainly uphold it - I would like to see it done on a much more regular basis, myself.

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