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Had Two Abortions
We are ALL sinners!If we repent,and do not keep doing the things we now know are or were wrong,then by all means by gods grace he has forgiven you child!I nor anone else on here is better than you or I!We are all made in his image,god is a forgiving,loving,nurturing god .He is just and fair and perfect!So smile child,for what is past is now 2 angels in heaven,fear not,for all has been forgiven,praise the lord,right!God bless you and all of you reading this!

What Will Heaven Be Like
nobody knows wut heaven will b like all they know is that it will be the most beautiful place ever!!! :)

Speaking In Tongues For Today
Speaking in tongues is a beautiful gift,that brings wisdom,peace and encouragement and sometimes chastisement. To hide such a benificially gift because of popular believe is putting mans opinion above obedience to GOD.

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