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Last King Of Israel
Thanks for the responses but no one has answered my question on who was the last king of Israel? When did he reign and was he good or evil? Thanks tom2, but I'm not looking for Jesus as the answer since Israel did not recognized Him as King.

Baby Names
I namd my littl girl Raven.We have a lot on American Indian heritage in our family.We also have a few grummpy old men that get a kick out of calling her Crow or grackle.
I dont think its possible to find a name that cant be picked on in some way.

OK To Marry Divorced Person
Anna-In the bible I read how many times God has restored people..David more than once angered God yet still was a man after His own heart.Mary Magdalene,woman of Samaria at the well,Saul/Paul and so on..I dont understand how people can say that he wont or cant or will not do this for us.HE is the same yesterday today and tomorrow.Please make sure the person you want to date is in a relationship with Christ.Thats the only answer you really need.

I Hate My Husband
inna-My first marriage sounds alot like yours.I gave up on the marrage.I was not living a christian life at the time.I am now very happily married to a God fearing man who is also on his second marriage.But we both know that now we have to deal with things God didnt want for us like..step-children with resentment issues..child support checks that dont come angry exs and so on. I will pray that you have the faith in God to lead you in his will for you.

Who is Juanita Bynum?
The only true thing I know is that Jesus is our savior.Is JB a prophet?Only God knows.
But I believe Christ has lifted women up to gather lost souls to his father.

Do We Still Need To Attend Church
in my opinion God is very dissatisfied with some's so called church...Why....because to many are about bashing,socializing,dead,inspectors of fruitless sheep,programmed,i can go on and on. God dont visit most Churches on Sunday morning because he is not invited in. To much flesh and not enough Spirit Filled Christians.....and every Pastor needs to Work a job if he expects his flock to work and pay tithes ..........Amen

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