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October 2008 What's Up
hello, Please pray fo a young man.(10yr.old christian), Gill Smith. He was attacked by a classmate in Sour Lake,TX and had to undergo brain surgery on 10-24. Thank You and Blessed Be as God bless Thee.

Are We Saved By Grace
I think everyone is saved by the blood of Jesus because by the shedding of his blood our debts were paid in full. All we have to do is believe that.

I Am Moving On
i pray for your health i just became a member...i pray everything will be ok for you

Family Member Is An Alcoholic
My sister is one too.There are support groups for people with alcoholic family members.It really helps to be with people who are experiencing the same prob.

Did Michael Vick Find Jesus
sorry but I have not the personal arrogance to assume my opinion matters and find it arrogant to even think that it could. I have no idea what is in the mind of Mr. Vick. I dislike his actions intensely. His thoughts are between himself and God.

Where Do We Go After Death
We all have our opinions, based on whatever we have read, but actually NOBODY KNOWS!.

Dead Sea Scrolls
well first my faith would not rest on archeological evidences - we have seen what can happen with that"

What has happened ? Is it just because its science and science is an enemy except when you want to turn on the lights? You avoid the question. If the bible is infallible, what do you do with older texts with additional verses? All bible translations are just translations of copies of copies of copies, or didnt you know that?

Worship The Blood Of Jesus
Im confused. What did stephen say that was so terrible? The bible is full of metaphor, simile, and many literary devices. What churches get into this argument of Jesus or blood? This is foreign as far as I know to Catholics.

Catholics Believe Mary Was Sinless
Ruben. Excellent point. The canon was completed long after the beginning of church. Presumably the Holy Spirit guided the choice. But maybe not, since Luther removed several, and would have removed even more if he could have. The word the apostles and others taught in the early church was not scripture as we know itit was repetition of the oral teachings/letters of others.

Dead Sea Scrolls
the delay in making them available is simple. They were and are extremely fragile. It's taken a very long time just to piece the various texts together. Technology has finally given us readable copies in some cases.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
Lorra, I continue to be awed by your depth of study and analysis.

Marcia, dont you think the all you RCCs believe, say, read, etc is getting a bit old. Way to shout your prejudice. Fundie holdover huh? Black-white, open-shut, up-down. There are no in betweens. Such rigidity is scary but also quite sad.

Mother Teresa Not Close To God
Jack, its almost like some of these folks want her to be declared satan instead of a saint. They do not understand the serious struggles of the "true" spiritual person. All these folks can do is run that hate catholic rhetoric

Are Roman Catholics Christian
I agree Ed. Its just about catholic bashing. I havent a clue what denominations any of these people are, except the catholics. All I hear is fuzzy biblical exegesis.

Catholics Believe Mary Was Sinless
I cant understand why anyone would "want" Mary to be sinless. She may or may not have been, no one knows. We merely speculate. I would argue only that her being sinless as lorra suggests, at the behest of God, for the purpose of being a sinless vessel for Jesus makes emminent sense. Logic is one important clue in truth, not the only one, but one.

Mother Theresa In Heaven Or Hell
this discussion begins to sicken me. Self-righeous talkers who havent done one hundrenth of the good M. Theresa did, try to condemn her because it pleases them to THINK they have some inside understanding of God. They make God small spiteful, vindictive, vengeful, etc. all nice human traits they are most familiar with.

Mother Teresa Not Close To God
helena, I know what born-again means to fundies. I can find NO biblical basis for a second baptism. Like the term Jehovah, its a misunderstood, mistranslated idiom

Mother Teresa Not Close To God
Holly and Helen: John 3:3 is better translated as "born from above" rather than again. and in either case, it doesnt refer to a second baptism. One is and has always been sufficient. I know neither of you can even think you could be wrong about anything about God, but get off the self-righeous arrogant high-horse please. It's most unbecoming of 2 ladies who "call" themselves christians.

Vote For A Mormon President
Mima i think you are why we have separation of church and state. We don't elect or not based on religion. I wouldnt vote for Romney because he is a republican. I doubt you need worry about his mormanism. I doubt it means any more to him than his "pro-life" or "pro-gun" stance do.

Catholics Believe Mary Was Sinless
marcia. You can call it a fraud. You are arguing from the general to the specific, not always true. I stated catholic doctrine--I did not say I agreed with it BTW. You should read more carefully. There is no DIRECT reference in the canon as to Mary's state of sin/sinlessness. She was undeniably graced by God in a unique way.

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