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Is Slain In The Spirit Fake
I always thought people were faking that falling on the floor stuff, did not believe in it or look for the experience. It happened to me as I was being prayed for and nobody pushed me down. It has happened four times with four different ppl laying hands on me in prayer. I was filled with love. That's all I know.

How Old Are The Bloggers Here
Well last month I reached my 41st year, my ain't it funny how time slips away...

I Hate My Husband
I wonder if the abusive husband has told you over and over that you are worthless, lazy and stupid. If you hear something enough times it becomes believable. If he is physically abusive, please call a domestic violence shelter. Prayer is powerful, fall on your knees and cry out to our Father in the name of Jesus, ask and plead for an answer, for direction from Him. He hears us.
Sherry g

Do Men Judge Women's Looks
Hardyharhar Ralph, man you must really be something huh...I'm so broke I'll never get that privilege, boohoohoo......
It is natural and normal for men and women to look at the outward appearance, we've got to have some sort of attraction at first to draw us to the person. Could be the smile, the eyes, the beautiful face or maybe they're drop dead gorgeous like Ralph;).

Illegals To Fight Americans
Right on Randy, MikeM and Jack...

Can Christian Women Have A Mind
You were created with a mind, use it.

Do Men Judge Women's Looks
LOL...Ralph, pay me $5,000.00 a head and I will go on a search for you.

What Country Are You From
Arizona here

Why Opposition To Spanking Kids
Linda....Amen and amen sister. Let us train up our children with unconditional love rather than making every attempt to control their thoughts, feelings and actions. Give them consequences for wrong behavior, there are effective ways to do this without hitting them. Is the "the rod" used to guide rather than strike?

Why Opposition To Spanking Kids
She tends to make good choices nowadays because of a desire from within, not from fear of me. What is "the rod" anyway? Is it really a stick or maybe the shepherd's rod(not used to beat the sheep)?

Why Opposition To Spanking Kids
There are two ways to assault, striking or grabbing. It is violence. Discipline is teaching a child. God showed me the error of my ways when I spanked and popped my child in the mouth in her younger years, she became immune, it would have taken harsher hitting to change her behavior. I stopped this ineffective so called form of discipline. We grew closer she began to show improved behavior because of mutual respect.

Cheating Boyfriend Dreams
While dating a man about 15 yrs ago I often had dreams he was cheating or running away with another gal. Turned out he was married and I was the other woman. That was total humiliation to put it mildly. I was sensing the truth somewhere within myself and the dreams obviously had meaning.

Does America Deserve It
Very interesting Sam. Whatever happened to Germany I wonder? We've had the worst hurricane disasters with President Bush in office, do you have anything on that? Thanks

Sick People Have No Faith In God
Well how strange, and a pile of silliness too.

Spanking A 13-Year Old
Give sincere and true respect to a normal child and that respect will be learned and returned. Kayla and hubby you are destroying your daughter's psych and your relationship with her and her relationship with others for a long time to come.

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