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Why Do People Take Drugs
I mentioned coffee because it was in the same blog as hard drugs. So I did stick with topic. Go back and read.

Do You Attend Church
Cluny, I only mentioned bay bridge 1 time.. 1time...get it? Why do you continue to tell untruths? As far as votes, you are more helpful than me but guess you need that for self esteem. I don't seek votes from anyone but you made a special point to bring that up.

Explain One Or Two Men
We all can see Jesus and we don't need to speak. When Jesus walks by, you won't have to ask, you will know it. I've been in services that felt the presence of God so strong, the hair on my head stood up. It was awesome. Many have never experienced that.

Spanked Bare Butt Until 16
cluny, I must say what you described is heart breaking. I'm so very sad to hear of anyone being abused. My granddaughter told her dad she would report him if he got the belt again. He told her if she did, he would get her again.

Marry A Much Older Woman
I have friends who have been married for 30 years. She was 39 with 3 children and her fella was 19. for whatever reason, they match. He helped her raise her 3 children. He is choir director of a church in Memphis, Tennessee.

Is Predestination Biblical
Christian, the ones who reject free will is not believing God gives all an opportunity to be saved. God does predestined us for salvation but he predestined all before the foundation of the world. Your belief that only a few are chosen for salvation is way way off target.why would there be missionaries, churches, preachers and just being a witness for Christ? I sure hate to see good people being deceived.

Explain Acts 4:27-28
Markv, I have stood by what I say on this blog. You say I keep going back. Yes, I keep trying to help people see the truths in Gods word. I have never said or even hinted that we can control God. You are the one guilty of a false doctrine. You take one or two verses on what you say but I have shown you over and over the same truth. You reject that God wants to save every person in the world. God does not force anyoney to believe in Him.

Should Christians Drink Alcohol
cluny, I am glad you are all knowing. I will stand by what i said about alcohol. I have seen a man change with 1 drink. He kept changing for the worse I might add. Nothing good comes from drinking alcohol.

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