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Scientific Evidence Evolution
I'm sure that were we present at the initial moment of creation, it would have looked quite chaotic.
---Cluny on 2/16/11

Whilst it might appear chaotic to us, I'd be more inclined to believe that it was indeed ordered.

Break Free Of My Addictions
I have never attended AA. Science can disagree with the Bible but not the reverse. There are many in the Bible who prayed for a time before receiving the "reward" - sometimes we are receiving an answer of "not yet, my child", not out of testing but out of love that you may help point others to Him. We are human and unfortunately, though often well-meaning, can be cruel and hurtful. Christ is the answer, the same yesterday, today and forever.

Obama Refuses To Attend
I can't believe Obama is attending a McCartney concert ,-)

The Theoretic Big Bang
Because the 'days' in G1...outside of human time...
...But when it comes to God the Creator...outside the human count/measurement of time, it is clear that God's 'day' is not limited to 24hrs.
Moses knew the difference- Psalm 90:4.
---David8318 on 4/27/10

God is outside time. We all agree on that I assume. Time was created for man. We all agree on that I assume. God never changes so why would He change what He meant by 'day' in His consistent and infallible word? Maybe I'm wrong, but because He is constant, I'd expect His use of day to be constant in the context where it is used - Time as we know it would need to be created before the end of 'day' 7 because of Adam's sin. Moses is simply referring to God being outside of time.

Does Genesis Explain Universe
Warwick,It seems Jesus had persons like you...You pick and strain at grammatical structure of the language of Gen ch.1...By the same token you swallow the notion that the whole entire universe was created in a few hours 6,000 years ago-- that's not a camel that's a whole herd!
---1st_cliff on 4/8/10

Whole herd? So you're suggesting that God isn't capable (through inference) of creating the world in a few hours, 6000yrs ago? He could choose a nanosecond or 100 trillion years, of that there is no issue. I just don't understand how you can read the millions of years from Genesis 1. That's presumptive but a difference of opinion. You're suggesting something far worse.

Genome Testing Disproves LDS
Thanks for your response StrongAxe.

I think there are times when we rightly group people together, but we also have to be wary (not saying anyone in particular is guilty of it any more than anyone else!) of wrongful pigeon-holing through broad and sweeping statements. Either way, we are to try to be respectful and not judgemental.

What we need to remember (getting back to the question) is that whatever people believe, if their spiritual eyes are not opened to the truth, it will not matter what science does or doesn't claim, especially if they do not understand it at all. One might argue that it is the failing of relying on a book other than the Bible (alone) to find life's answers that is the problem.

Genome Testing Disproves LDS
Mormons won't leave the Mormon Church over genome testing any more than Fundamentalists would leave their churches because the earth is over six thousand years old...---ger.toshav on 3/31/10
Show me irrefutable proof that the earth is millions of years old (I'll take anything in the 6-12,000 year range as reasonable because I'm not interested in the exact "to the second" age of the earth, I dispute millions of years being Biblically compatible.

By saying the science is wrong.The same thing happens when science challenges convictions of pop-evangelicals, too.
---Cluny on 4/1/10

"pop-evangelicals"? Millions of years is based on theories and assumptions

Doctrines Of Christianity
Picking and choosing bits and parts of the Word to obey is sin...---Eloy on 3/31/10

Hi Eloy, perhaps I was too vague in the question if that is what you're referring to - I'm not suggesting we pick and choose, that wasn't the intention of the question. We all have different opinions as to how some parts of the Bible should be understood and I was interested in what we do all agree on - if we don't agree on the central message of the Bible then we are not Brothers/Sisters in Christ. We are guided by the Spirit but we are still human and we were created differently. It's why I mentioned service structure as an example. Some days I'm just not very clear in my communication!

Doctrines Of Christianity
...this question of how to worship, is one of current interest---Donna66...

It's difficult sometimes in 125 words... I'd attended the church since 1979 (I was 2) with parents, later saved and baptised while I was there. Others attempted too rapid change. My dad (an elder) and I just introduced a few modern hymns by Robin Mark, Stuart Townend et al. It was done sensitively and well received. I love some of the old hymns as well so wouldn't lose them. There used to be young people when I was young but when I moved away 3 years ago the young element was/is gone. I digress though... perhaps it should be an alternative blog...?
Oh and by "lead" I meant chair, not lead the singing.

Doctrines Of Christianity
(contd)I was asked to lead a "Songs of Praise" service that my old church had every 5th Sunday evening. The church roots were Brethren but it was independent. The members more elderly and resistant to rapid change (no judgements here). Something I (and others) had struggled with was how some churches are different and yet the same... They agree on "fundamentals" but may differ on, for example, style of worship. Each song was supported by a Bible passage covering "difficult" topics for the church such as dancing, raising of hands. As some would say, there is a time and a place. You won't find me dancing in the aisles or putting on sackcloth, but who am I to judge?

Doctrines Of Christianity
Firstly, thank you for all the answers so far. I asked this for 2 reasons. 1 is to help us all see where we do agree and the second was to (hopefully) have a positive blog :-)

I agree that all is important and I guess I didn't want to trivialise any part of the Bible, but imagine you're telling someone on their deathbed their need of a Saviour, where do you start? Tradition and future works are effectively pointless, but we all know they can be saved through a sacrifice on the Cross.


God Created Heaven & Earth
Warwick, Seeing as you have difficulty with about this,
Say I built you a set of stairs...No one would agree that I made the "wood" too. The material existed!
When God made Adam and Eve He did so from "existing" material (the dust of the ground).
The earth was formless and void, but it existed, God created ,from this lump of dirt..Paradise!
Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit! ---1st_cliff on 3/29/10
Oh that your eyes would be opened! God created from "existing" material because a few days earlier he created the earth including the dust of the ground. God is the ONLY one who can create ex nihilo. To suggest otherwise diminishes His omnipotence. It is why the big bang theory is so absurd.

God Created Heaven & Earth
Warwick,Excuse me but scripture does say all He did day 2 was separate the waters from the waters making sky in between!
All He did, not "it took Him all day to do"... There's a massive difference!

I'm afraid the astronaughts will disagree with you there...from the space station there's no day and night!
You can't see that Gen.1 is only describing "earth and it's environs"?? sure lock, stock and barrel,in this regard!---1st_cliff on 3/28/10

Genesis 1:15 illustrates the light was to give earth night and day...

Religions For Self Righteous
HappyLDS, correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't your prophets predicted dates for the end of the world on more than one occasion?

Believe Evolution And Christianity
Simon, We evolved into what is classified as man.We are at present what God elected to create, a biped,bicranial,self conscious intelligence with 'will'...---earl on 3/28/10

God created Adam from the dust of the earth and He breathed life into Him. He created Adam and Eve in His own image (Genesis 1:27). Nowhere in the Bible do we get told of a being that evolved into Adam. Whilst we have no images of Adam and Eve, how much "evolving" could be done in such a short space of time and when have we ever seen a gain in "information"?

What Is Your IQ
It annoys me when people ask me things like:
"Can I lend your pen?" to which I ask "Who to?"... It's almost as bad as someone asking to borrow a tissue to blow their nose... Don't worry, you can keep it!

Religions For Self Righteous
HappyLDS, firstly, I think "All scripture" is referring to a single work, that is the Bible, not "All the scriptures" which could be argued is multiple. Where do the following come from in the Bible?
"doctrine of exaltation which includes the ability of humans to become gods and goddesses in the afterlife"
"marital bonds in the afterlife"
And whilst I can see that baptism of the dead has been taken from 1 Cor 15:29 (debate as to the meaning) the practice carried out suggests that we[not God] are making selections as to who can be saved when that is God's choice alone. There are more but this would require further discussion.

Believe Evolution And Christianity
Simon, First usage of Ascend -to move upward as in evolving from a lower state to a higher state.Second usage of ascend-man is capable of deciding to take the next eternal step upward.

Oh so it's our decision about taking the next step upwards... It's all clear now. You believe that we are evolving into "higher state" creatures (despite the moral depravity around us) Romans 8:28-30, Ephesians 1:4-14. Whilst we still accept His offer of Grace, we are incapable of taking that step without Him.

What Is Your IQ
Another area that our language differs can be in meaning (I've mentioned this elsewhere). For example, consider the following conversation between an Australian male and an American female nanny...
AM: Would you nurse my baby for me? nurse=hold
look of horror on face of American
AM: Oh don't worry, I'll do it!
look of even more horror on the face of American

Same word, same spelling, different meaning. Talk about Babel ,-)

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