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Was Jesus A Wine Bibber
I can guarantee you what wine Jesus may have had, there was nothing in it to make you drunk. I use to have a glass of wine when I would take my bath, sitting in the bathtub. One night, Jesus said to me, "not to drink anymore wine". So that was that. end of it.

WOW, blatant lie, really sad.

Was Jesus Born On Dec 25th
Please in future blog rplies if a scripture is quoted give the scripture,
Luke 2:7 (King James Version)
7And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.
King James Version (KJV)
Exactly what about this scripture says that jesus was born on dec 25? it doesnt, it was a date that was chosen in 1500 ad. why does it matter that much to you people? He wasmt born on dec 25th, the bible doesnt give a date, it you claim otherwise please post the scripture stating DEC 25, you cant because the gregorian calendar wasnt even invented yet. Just accept the truth and move on, you were lied to, OMG guess what santa clause isnt real either.

Burn In Hell For Eternity
I'm not really sure. But here is what I do know: Certain events in the Bible that said they would last forever have already happened and been done with. Sinners will be destroyed but not burn forever. To think that God would give immortality to sinners is a lie of the devil.
i had to bump this, and then add that god is a god of mercy, there is no conciousness in the grave, when you die you dont go strait to heaven, nobody goes untill christ returns, and the dead in christ rise first. also god would not sentence his children whom he loves to an etenity of torment, thats a lie used to control the behaviour of children. terrible.

In The Bible Do Angels Have Wings
please post scripture that states cherabs are angels, im not finding the one where god states: "oh by the way cherabs are a type of angel and also seraphs are too." youre just repeating what you were told.

Unmarried Couples Serve In Church
for gods commandments for married and unmarried people start reading in 1corinthians chapter 7. The commandments god has for our people livng in our time period are listed in the books after the apostles, naturally becasue after christs resurection the laws for man were changed.
It is not your place to judge other people for their sins. In fact it is none of your business. Let he he who is without sin cast the first stone. Do you think adam and eve had a document of marriage from the courthouse before they had sexual relations, obviously not. Stop trying to control other people and tell them that they are sinners. When your closet is clean work on your bathroom, stay out of my house.

Did Jesus Drink Wine
"millions have had only one half of a drink and then went driving and lost their life and also those of others." wow nice "fact" i would like to see a weblink to the study that shows this, oh wait there is no such study because it would be impossible and you are repeating some garbage your pastor told you at church. Nice. Oh no here comes a verse from the bible watch out.
1 corinthians 10,23 : titled "the BELIEVERS FREEDO" : "Everything is permissible"-but not everyting is beneficial."Everything is permissible"-but not everything is constructive. verse 25: eat everything sold in the meatmarket without rasing questions of conscience.

In The Bible Do Angels Have Wings
cherabim and seraphim are not angels. there are different types of spiritual beings cherabim are not angles angels are not seraphim and seraphim are not cherabim, non e of them are god and we are none of them either. there is a reason why they have different names. angel is not a generice term, you people who are calling cherabs and seraphs angels are jehovas witnesses im sure, just enough knowledge to open your mouths about something you dont know anything about. there is never any scripture in the bible saying angels have wings. yes they fly, they are spirtual beings ofcourse they can fly, why would they need wings?

Don't Love My Good Husband
love is not an uncontrollable feeling that comes over you, it is the result of the loving things you do for another individual with the intention of making hem happy, having no expectations n return. when you stop treeting an individual this way, you feel as though you no longer love them. true love turns an individual selfless, while lust will make you selfish.

Was Jesus Born On Dec 25th
somebody already stated but i wanted to confirm, sheperds did not hang out in the fields in the dead of winter, thats absurd. jesus birth was either in the late fall or early spring. to the jehovas witness who posted about the birthday. so wat if jesus nevr celebrated his own birthday. I dont like people wo try to make me feel guilty for celebrating something that i feel is important. with no holidays your life must be somewhat boring. Try to enjoy life a little bit huh, why else did god make us? it not like by wearing a halloween costume in october,you are spitting in gods face or something, poeple like an excuse to dress up and act silly and have a good time. there is nothing wrong with that. It not like anybody is worshipping pumpkins.

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